[Musical Spam] This Update of WhatsApp Allows More Spamming Through Audio Files, Know More…

Soon you will have the notification for WhatsApp update to 2.19.89 version or you might have already updated to this version just as a procedure for regular update notification. I suggest, before updating any application on your phone, please do a study of the changes that is going to take place after this update, that is provided as a warning before update or search about the pros and cons on internet as a responsible individual.

There have been a petition against WhatsApp to activate “Do Not Disturb” function which is a burning topic these days.

If you have already done the update or going to update, you must know what’s the new feature in this update will take place. In this version the facebook-owned photo-messaging app WhatsApp has introduced its “audio picker” with a new user interface (UI) that will allow the user to attach 30 audio files while sending and this is so disgusting.

This Update of WhatsApp Allows More Spamming Through Audio Files

People are already tired of all those spam images and message they use to receive on their mobile even though they do not want it and there are primarily two reasons, i.e. it consumes data, fills up mobile storage space. These were not enough that WhatsApp introduced the musical spam. With this WhatsApp has recently enabled the new ‘audio picker’ with the possibility to play the audio before sending it and to select more audio files to send.

Lately, WhatsApp has been testing and introducing a plethora of new features on its platform, especially concerning app support on more devices and checking the spread of misinformation on its app.

The app is already working on the much-awaited Apple iPad support that is being tested with features including Touch ID support, split-screen and landscape mode.

In addition, to minimise the spread of fake news on its platform, WhatsApp is testing the “Forwarding Info” and “Frequently Forwarded Message” feature that would let its over 1.5 billion users know how many times a message has been forwarded, which could raise questions on its authenticity.

A message is “Frequently Forwarded” when it has been forwarded more than four times. Currently, WhatsApp has limited the forwards to a maximum of five in India.


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