Which Two Layers Make Up The Thermosphere

The thermosphere is the part of atmosphere that lies beyond mesosphere. It can be divided into two layers i.e. the ionosphere and the exosphere.
The ionosphere is the lower part of the thermosphere. It lies beyond the mesopause. It extends from 80 to 640 km. Temperature rises sharply here. The ultraviolet radiation {UV rays} break the gas molecules here into electrically charged ions. Therefore the ionosphere is full of electrically charged ions which enable wireless transmissions. The upper limit of the ionosphere is ionopause.
The exosphere lies beyond the ionopause and is the uppermost layer of the thermosphere. The upper limit of the exosphere is difficult to determine as it merges with the inter- planetary space.
The temperature here is estimated as to be beyond 5500OC. The air is very thin and its density is very low. Only the lighter gases like helium and hydrogen are found here.
Layers of Earth Illustrated with Suitable Diagrams

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