Why Audit is Important for Your Business?

Have you ever pondered why people devote so much precious time on searching, reviewing and comparing for items online before purchasing?

There are plentiful reasons why surf-malling is so much addictive. The load speed is fast, product info is concise, interlinking is relevant and makes us want to click on that -20% What you might call it.

So, what’s the purpose behind all this? The truth is, our brains predisposed to stick with familiar gears, so everything unfamiliar surges the level of stress. Odd = bad (subconsciously).

Think of the top magento-based ecommerce to see what this is on about: Richer Sounds, Wrangler, Made – selling acoustics, clothes, and furniture respectively. All three offer great UI/UX and clear design:

Why Audit is Important for Your Business?

But there’s a sense of familiarity (a good thing to our brain) common to each of these sites – the structure. Structures may be the key to our success as a species and while this holds true for the humanity in general, ecommerces rely on them the most.

Imagine a prospect stumbling upon your shop for the first time. If there’s no proper structure to it, goods aren’t divided by categories or cannot be filtered by brands/parameters/properties, all the best deals are hidden from the user’s immediate attention, and interlinking is irrelevant, then you’re in trouble.

Why Audit is Important for Your Business?

Oh, look you can even switch language near the “logo”.

Structures are at the core of everything, and maintaining your site’s structure is a key to rank higher. And that’s why SEO Audits are so important – after it’s done, you have an actionable step-by-step solution to improve your site.

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