Top Trending Keywords in Google on June 12, 2019

From today on wards, we will be listing out most trending keywords searched on internet from authentic source that is captured by Google. The data will show most of the searched keywords that keep trending with the relevant data and links that are being searched. The keywords may be used for building up a niche site, develop related articles and also analyse to build up future structure of your concept. The keywords presented below are segregated country wise where we will take random top countries and show their keyword trending data. The countries are taken randomly based on the trending topics.

Top 5 Trending Keywords in United Sates

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Top 5 Trending Keywords in United Kingdom

1. Premier League fixtures: 200K+ searches, Link: Premier League fixtures 2019-20: Season starts with Liverpool hosting Norwich
2. Chris Froome: 100K+ searches, Link: Chris Froome: Team Ineos cyclist in intensive care after suffering serious injuries in crash

Chris Froome

3. Rob Lowe: 100K+ searches, Link: Wild Bill review – why is Rob Lowe fighting crime in Lincolnshire? Search me

4. Boris Johnson: 50K+ searches, Link: Tory leadership contest: Boost for Boris Johnson as Tories vote for new prime minister

5. Thames Water: 50K+ searches, Link: Burst Thames Water pipe cuts off up to 100,000 London homes

Top 5 Trending Keywords in Canada

1. NHL: 1M+ searches,Link: The Canucks are now among the NHL’s 2 oldest existing teams without a Stanley Cup
2. Lotto Max: 200K+ searches, Link: Un Montréalais remporte 65 millions $ au Lotto Max

Rubber bullets, pepper spray and hand-thrown tear gas were used to push back protesters who had occupied the city's main thoroughfare and other roads near the government headquarters, Hong Kong Police Commissioner Steven Lo Wai-chung said.

Top 5 Trending Keywords in India

3. Video: 500K+ searches, Netflix Takes Baby Steps Into Video Gaming
Manabadi AP Inter 1st, 2nd Year Supply Result 2019, Result Declared at
By analyzing these keywords and topics people searching for you can make compilation of data and prepare great looking articles for your site too. As a mater tip, if you look for all these topics, 100% of them are from news sources. So, you may find that news articles treading worldwide. Hope you found this article useful for your insights. Source of this data is Google Trends.
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