How and Where to Get .EDU Backlinks by Writing Guest Post

All bloggers dream of building up .EDU backlinks to give more Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) to their blogs. But, to be honest, building up .EDU backlink is a very hard work. Unless you put a very high quality content to your website and that worth to students, no college or university sites are going to link your site back.

How and Where to Get .EDU Backlinks by Writing Guest Post

So, it is important to develop high quality content. The mantra to do this is;

How to write high quality content

There are only four steps to follow to create a high standard of content.

  1. Provide Eye Rest: When you read a content, something you visualize immediately when you look at it, i.e. the title of the content, how long is the article, how long are the paragraphs, are there images or videos, format of the article etc. All these points make the content look better and the impression comes from the back of the mind, whether to go ahead with it or just escape and look for next. All these points to be looked after while writing an article so that the first impression of the reader should be a YES.
  2. Hyperlinking to Main Content: The article you are writing may not be the main content. You might refer to the main content through your article. In such situations, you should not narrate the main content in your article. You should give idea about the main content and link back to the main content. The main content can be a video, image or another article, it does not matter. This creates enthusiasm in the mind of the reader to look for more, else gets bored if the article looks like a giant one when you include the main content inn it.
  3. Proper Formatting: The look says most of the things. So, the article should be formatted in a perfect manner. Key points to be highlighted, main contents to be hyperlinked, images to be captioned, size of image also to match with content, alignment of text to be taken care of, proper credit to be mentioned at the end  and many such other points. Unless you take care of these points while writing an article, the main purpose may fail.
  4. Don’t Write an Essay: Try to write to the points. No need to stretch it like rubber. You should always focus on the center of the topic and be around it. If you try to go beyond it, the reader may loose interest and skip content as it happens in many news papers. Hardly anyone read such topics. Keep it short, accurate and precise and make your points very clear within limits.

How to Get .EDU Backlinks?

One of the easiest way to get .EDU backlink is by writing guest post. Because, .EDU sites are not sites that is meant to promote any links. So, the only way out is you can write blog posts in those site’s official blogs as 100% of these .EDU sites which belong to Schools, Colleges, Universities and Educational Institutions offer a blog section for their students and staffs to share there ideas. So, the blog section becomes an entry door for you to write a blog post as most of them allow others (other than students and staffs) to contribute to their blog within authorized category.

What you can do is, visit the blogs of those .EDU sites, read their posting rules and write article as per that, include your site link by hyperlinking properly and send them to publish in their blog. Once it is approved and published, you generate backlink and this is how you can generate thousands of .EDU backlinks.

How and Where to Get .EDU Backlinks by Writing Guest Post

Where to Get .EDU Backlinks?

This is a very simple as well as the most difficult question to answer. To find a dedicated and perfect blog for your niche, you need to do a search for it and it’s very difficult. To help you out, here I am providing a list of some links where you can publish your guest post and after that I will share the trick how can you find a .EDU blog on your niche so that if you do not find a link below, you can follow the guide and find a suitable one for yourself.

These were some top universities and colleges invite guest blogging. You can tryout yourself by visiting these sites.

Now I shall explain, how you can get the blog links of .EDU sites for your choice of niche.

  • To do so, open and type your-niche-name write guest post. Replace your-niche-name with your actual niche keyword.
  • Once you press the search button you can find links of those sites in search result.
  • Like this you can keep searching and find different niche.

How and Where to Get .EDU Backlinks by Writing Guest Post

Hope this article helped you in building up .EDU backlinks. If you found this useful share your valuable feedback.

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