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If you are here, I am sure, you have tried and failed the quality check of your work by KPV Solution and their lawyer contacted you to pay ₹4900.00 immediately and if you do not pay, they are going to take legal action against you as per the agreement. If you have paid them, then I can not help you anymore. If you have not paid them, then I can help you.

First of all let me tell you, you should not be afraid of their threatening calls or messages they make about taking legal actions. Because, the agreement made between you and KPV Solution is fake. It’s not a genuine and authenticated document. There are few reasons for this:

  • The very first reason is, you have not signed any document.
  • The non judicial stamp paper worth ₹100 on which the agreement is typed, this is also a fake document. Because no advocate has signed it and no advocate stamps are on it. Also, if you match the stamp paper of all scammed people, it will be same for all. Only name and address is changed. For this, if you file FIR and register a case against the company, they can be penalized for stamp paper scam as Mr. Abdul Karim Telgi did in past if you are aware, the biggest stamp paper scam in India ever made.

So, you should not be afraid of any legal action from them. Because they are smart thieves and using their smartness to steal money. So, next time you receive a call from them about demanding to pay them, just record the call and send it to me.

I have written 2 more articles about the company about, how they scam and how they threaten people. If you want to know about it, just read it here. How KPV Solution Scam People? & How KPV Solution Lawyer Threaten People To Pay Money?

I have seen many people wrote that they have paid the amount with the fear of legal action to be taken against them and even after the first payment, they are demanding more money. This means, this is a case of blackmailing. If you are the victim, immediately go to police station and lodge FIR.

Address of the Company:

KPV Solution
B-9 Vasant Park
Dhule Road
Maharashtra – 424001
Helpline Mobile No. +91-7359005659, +91-7219721023, +91-9175551323

Now you need to stay away from such fraud companies and let others be aware of this review so that they also can be safe and this can be done if you share this information. Do care for yourself and for others too.

Latest Update on The Case

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KPV Solution cheats people in the name of data entry work by making fake agreement and edits the forms in the back end and make them incorrect and threaten clients to pay them else, they will take legal action on the basis of fake agreement.


No Pros


  • You lose money
  • Harassment
  • Waste of time
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