How To Stay Safe From Global Star Solutions Latur Maharashtra Data Entry Scam Company

Global Star Solutions is just another name of KPV Solution or Eon Tech from Maharastra and operate as Data Entry Work Provider Company. If you a victim of any of the company mentioned above, we are here to help you from being a victim of losing money and make you safe from all of their actions. Before we jump into the conclusion, let me take you through all process to understand the issue well.

What is Data Entry Work?

Data entry work is a work in which a company provides some data in the form of either PDF or Image form and the worker has to type it in the company provided online account or Note pad or Microsoft Word file as instructed by the company. It varies from company to company and work to work. In some cases also a form is given to be filled with the data from the image.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

When you accept the work, the company explains you all the terms and conditions of the work. In some cases the company charges some membership / utility charge in advance and in some cases the charge is levied from the worker’s payment after completion of work. There must be some standard rules like within how many days the work has to be completed, how many pages or forms are to be completed, how much percentage of accuracy is required to be eligible for payment etc.

In some cases the company prepares an agreement which is agreed and signed by the worker before the work starts.

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Why Quality Check (QC) is Fails 100% of the Time?

It is because, the company wants to rip off your money. If you remember, you have made an agreement to pay them if there are more than 10% errors. To take money from you, when you submit the forms, they edit your answers and add additional spaces or symbols to your text and edit them and make them wrong intentionally by the company so that they can charge you as there are more than authorized percentage of errors in your work. This is the reason why 100% of the works fail Quality Check.


So, from this you can understand that, this is a trap to catch fish and cheat innocent people like you. As per the agreement if you do not pay they will take legal action against you and in the fear of court case most of you pay them the amount they charge and even after the first payment, they ask for more money and start blackmailing you. So, the better option is not to fall in the trap of these companies.

What to do if you have fallen in their trap?

I will mention some points which you have to follow blindly to stay safe if you have attempted the work and your QC failed and they are asking for money.

  1. DO NOT PAY THEM AT ALL. The agreement made between you and the company is a fake agreement. Because, no advocate has signed this agreement. As you know, without the advocate sign, no agreement is valid.
  2. AGREEMENT IS FAKE. If you observe closely the agreement of yours, the same stamp paper is used for many agreements. Only the name and address is being changed. It is made in the computer.
  3. FAKE COMPANY EMAILS. I have already reported to Google about the emails the company have been using to cheat people and those emails have been blocked by Google. But, because of the policy, they have been able to generate new emails and doing so. But, no email from the company as it contains
  4. LODGE FIR IN CYBER CELL & NEAREST POLICE STATION. Please visit your nearest police station and lodge an FIR against the company and attach all the copies of emails and attachments received in it. If you can record all calls from them is added bonus.
  5. BLOCK MOBILE NUMBERS AND EMAILS. You should immediately block all mobile numbers of the company in your mobile and emails accounts in your email account so that neither you receive any call or any emails.
  6. DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE FAKE LEGAL NOTICE. Sometime, you may receive a letter of notice from their advocate. Let me tell you that the notice is another fake document and it is not issued by court. Just another attempt after the agreement to threaten you so that you pay them. But you should never pay them.
  7. BELIEVE IN THIS ARTICLE AND BELIEVE IN LAW. This article explains all the procedures why they can not take any legal actions against you as they produce all fake document and with fake documents they can’t approach the court for legal action against you. Out legal system is very good and if they approach the court, the company will only suffer, not you. because they can’t prove themselves right in court.
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Having said all the above, be assured that, what ever I quoted above is genuine and no one can harm you in any manner. This is an attempt for public awareness to keep people away from such scam companies and if at all fall in trap, escape easily without any damage.

What is Global Star Solutions?

Whether it is Global Star Solutions or KPV Solution or Eon Tech or may be any other such scam company, all of them use the same formula to cheat people. How they cheat is explained here with proofs which may help you learn and stay safe.

  1. Call people to provide data entry work.
  2. Convince to to be easy to complete.
  3. No advance payment for work.
  4. Simple agreement.
  5. Smartly edit work and make the quality check fail.
  6. Threaten to pay the utility charge.
  7. Else take legal action.

This is how these companies cheat people.

Some of the people who have been a victim made some complains in online forums are provided below for your information.

Global Star Solutions Latur Maharashtra Data Entry Scam

Global Star Solutions Latur Maharashtra Data Entry Scam

Global Star Solutions Latur Maharashtra Data Entry Scam

Global Star Solutions Latur Maharashtra Data Entry Scam

Global Star Solutions Latur Maharashtra Data Entry Scam

Global Star Solutions Latur Maharashtra Data Entry Scam

Global Star Solutions Latur Maharashtra Data Entry Scam

Global Star Solutions Latur Maharashtra Data Entry Scam

Global Star Solutions Latur Maharashtra Data Entry Scam

Some final words from us, NEVER PAY THEM. Lodge FIR in police station. Block numbers and emails. If you follow this, you will be safe. THEY CAN NOT TAKE LEGAL ACTION WITH FAKE DOCUMENTS.

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