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This case has been becoming a burning topic where lots of people where majority are students are being looted in the name of data entry work. KPV Solution who later changed their company name to Eon Tech is located in Dhule, Aurangabad, Maharastra calls people to provide form filling work and motivates them to work on the project as there are only 1500 forms to be filled in 15 days and 10% mistake is allowed. If there are more than 10% (150) errors in the forms, then the worker has to pay Rs. 4900 as a utility charge and for this they make an agreement on a non judicial stamp paper.

After doing a detailed research on this issue, it was found that the agreement made on the non judicial stamp paper is neither signed by any advocate nor the worker. To become the stamp paper a valid document, it has to be signed by an advocate with his seals on it and then only it becomes a valid legal document. In this case none of the agreement is signed by the advocate. here are some of the stamp papers received by some workers.


There are many such fake agreements. Why I call this fake is, if you see, (a) there is no signature of advocate in all the above agreements. (b) the same stamp paper used for many agreements as you can see a spot marked in the first page in red circle. Since it is scanned multiple times, the mark also got scanned, (c) when any affidavit or agreement is made, the advocate pastes some stamps and seals of red color which is also not available (d) the rubber stamp of the company is put in such a manner that it is just same in both the agreements which is impossible by any human activity. Because if a human puts stamp, he can no way put stamp in same place and same angle as no human is so perfect. So, it proves that it is scanned reprinted again and again because of which it is in the same place.

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Apart from the above explanation, there are some more remarkable frauds that appear from other documents too.

For example, the court case letter which they send to clients like this:

If they would have been a genuine data entry work provider company, then there would not have been so many complaints about them which can be seen here:

These are just some. There are thousands of complaints like this.

So, the point is how they cheat?

When they provide you work, they do not charge any money, so, it becomes easy for anyone in need of money to work as he is confident that he can do this. But, what the company does is, they will edit your submitted forms and make more than 150 errors. After which, as per agreement your quality check is failed and now they threaten you to pay the utility charge as per agreement and in fear some pay them. No one wants to face legal action and this is how they play with your emotions.

Here I just think of one thing that is;

How to stay safe from this company and such other fraud companies and not pay them?

1. Never work with such companies. Because, there is no such work called data entry work. Because, if there will be any company who want to be their work to be done by some other, why they don’t do the work done by their employee. Why they hire a third company and pay them such a high rate. In this case, if the company pays you Rs. 20 per form, think how much the real company has to pay to the mediator. Is it worth? just by filling 5 lines who can pay you Rs. 20 / Rs. 50?

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2. If at all you fall in in their trap, block their phone numbers and email accounts from receiving calls, messages, WhatsApp messages and mails. Never answer to their call or mails or messages.

3. Don’t be afraid off legal actions. By saying this, let me clarify, the company can’t take any legal action against you with the help of fake documents. Because, you have not signed any agreement with them. The agreement copy provided is not a valid agreement as neither signed by you nor by the advocate. Since this is not a valid legal document, how can the company take legal action against you?

4. Truth about Digital Signature. The company says about the digital signature and this is true that now digital signature is a valid proof. But the digital signature is not done by OTP. For a valid digital signature, there are authorized digital signature capture companies who make it sure that everything is valid and an account is created by you in those companies for storing digital signature. One of such company is DocuSign which I know well and have been doing all my digital signatures through this website. But in this case no such activity is done. So, the point also becomes invalid. You have not done any digital signature.

As you can see the email is received from Lisence Agreement [email protected]

Which means, there is no such site fully functional. Having such a big online data entry work company and the site is not functional proves this to be a fraud company. When a company is fraud, how can they fight legal actions against someone. In my opinion, workers should lodge case against the company.

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5. Never ever pay them. As I have already explained that every document is fake, then why should you pay them. They can never file case against you. You have seen so many complaints. But not a single person has said that he/she has received any notice from the court. Which again proves they just threaten you so that if you get afraid, you pay them. NOW YOU SHOULD NEVER PAY THEM.

6. Challenge the company. If at all they contact you in any way and threaten you pay else they take legal action against you, just tell them, “DO WHAT EVER YOU CAN DO. I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOUR LEGAL ACTION. I WILL CHALLENGE YOU IN COURT.” I am 100000% sure, after this statement, they will never contact you again. If they do, again send them the same message. But, never pay them.

As a responsible citizen what should you do to protect yourself as well as your fellow countrymen from being a victim of these fraud companies?

1. Spread awareness about this fraud in facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, email and other social media as well as one to one talk with our friends.

2. Lodge FIR in police station, cyber cell in your area.

3. Face these fraud companies with guts.

4. Never accept any work without analysing the pros and cons of it.

5. Never send personal documents to untrusted companies.

These were some safety precautions which I thought to share with you as I saw that many people who paid them with fear of legal actions and after that also they threaten them. This is blackmailing and a crime as well. Just take legal action against them.

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Updated on 02 May 2019

One of the user who mailed me her mails and attachments received from KPV Solution is appended below for public information. The original name and address of the user is hidden for privacy purpose.

There is nothing to be afraid off as this is not a notice from court. Just an attempt to emotionally threaten the user and let them pay in fear and nothing more than this. Just be cool and do not bother about such letter as they can’t take any legal action against you as they are all fraud and court does not accept any fraud documents.

Author: Aliva Tripathy

Taking out time from a housewife life and contributing to AxiBook is a passion for me. I love doing this and gets mind filled with huge satisfaction with thoughtful feedbacks from you all. Do love caring for others and love sharing knowledge more than this.

19 thoughts on “Data Entry Scam – KPV Solution/Eon Tech

  1. Sir now there is another company named Frontech from Aurangabad which wants me to pay 15500 registration charges as well as penalty for late fees.
    Please help me sir

    1. They all are same and keep changing names to cheat with different company names. But all same people.DO not fall in trap and never pay them. There is not a single real notice issued. That means they can’t do anything. Simply block them.

    1. Pls help me….main mammy papa k dar se aisa kia….pls mujhe paisa thora sa vi ho baapas chahie….dar isilie woo mere papa k naam pai agreement kia….pls sir kya karu??

      1. pehele to paisa hi pay nehi karna tha. agar kardia to wapas nehi denge wo. abhi wo aur paisa mangenge, kyu ki unko pata lag gaya ki tum dar gaye ho. par aur pay mat karna. wo kuchh nehi kar sakte. unka number block karo aur bat mat karo unse.

  2. sir aaj mujhe ek or massage aya hai


  3. I had registered to this company on may 1st without intimation they said to sign on app i signed they said it is agreement and they said we give 1500 forms fill it within 10 days if you fail to get 90% accuracy you have to pay 4500 as utility charges. I done the work and very sure I will get get the accuracy more than 90% and I don’t know how it happened they said your qc failed.i accepted and paid 4500 .they confirmed my payment and next day they called and asked you want to continue or cancel. I said I want to continue and they said for continuing you have to pay 20950 and for cancellation you have to pay 18950.but this thing is not written in agreement just only 4500.will I get my payment back

    1. if you have common sense then you should not have paid any amount. and now you should not pay any money now. they can’t do any legal action against you. just read what is given in the articles and comments of public. then you understand what mistake you made.

  4. I also have same problem with same company.
    They contacted me about 7th May 2019.
    I also rejecte the work and they told me to pay rs 4900. As I refused to pay next day I got mail from yashvi अगरवाल. That they will complit the work in one day and so on.
    After that I got hint that they all are fraud and trying to get money by threatening us.
    So now I decided, not to pay any amount to any one. If they are real and really take any action against me I am ready to go to the court. Just help me if I need any kind of help from you guys. Like FIR or any other documents related to this matter.
    Let’s hope we need not to go to the court because I also facing financial problems and problems in having job.
    At last if they want me to fight I will.
    But will never pay my hard earned money.

    1. That’s the spirit Sachin. Never pay. I am ready to help anyway you want at any time. Just be strong and never pay them and let others be inspired from myou. Appreciate your decision and brave heart.

  5. Now they are taking money through typing centre..they will ask u to complete ur work in 1 daý..and they will charge Rs 8 per form..but both of them are working together

  6. Sir,
    I registered for the data entry job today and then did some research as I thought of the job is somewhat fishy.
    I told them within 5 hrs. that I don’t want to do this job anymore and also said that “you are scamming me”.
    Now they are asking for the fees sir i.e, 4900 INR.
    afterward, I came across your article mentioning their scam.
    Please help me, sir, I am really scared as I have no support background.
    I am a college going student.

    1. Nothing to fear. you are safe and they can not do anything to you. Just forget what happened and live your normal life. Block their mobile number. I guarantee that they can not do any harm to you and you should not bother for anything now. Just relax and do your normal work as you were doing before and for this incident. NEVER PAY THEM. if you face any problem, comeback here and post your queries.

  7. Hnji sir first of all thank you so much abhi abhi spki dii hui information padi Acha laga me bhi isi chij ka shikar hua hu abhi abhi imean mebi bade zoro shoro se karne wala hi tha shuru but socha thodi shaaan been kar hi le fir hi shuru karte hai to thodi c search se aapse mulaaakat ho gayi acha hua actually baat ese hai 3may ko mujhe call aiya to mebi baato me aagia socha need hai karte hai dekha jaega but kal 4may thoda ghar ke kaam se busy raha to dhian nhi dia aur rishtedaar ke ghar chala gaya abh aaiya hu imean 5may shaam ko to soch raha tha kaam karte hai mann se raaat bhar lagaunga aur jaldi jaldi kaam khatm karunga but ussse pahile hi mera dimaag thoda pglpanti ke liye nikla than we met so itna lamba chouda likhne ke baad me bhi yahi kehna chahta hu ki darr se kujhh mt karna koi chakkr nhi hai bindaas raho be brave jo hoga dekha jaega 💪💪💪

  8. hello sir kpv solution company ko mene sameday work cancelled krne ko kha or us anil gupta ka mere pass call aaya tha mene use clear kha ki aap kyo logo ko pareshan kr rahe hai aapki fraud company mujhe kehne laga by courrier notice send kr diya hai sir kya sach me wo hard copy notice bhejenge sir mene use kha ki ab koi msg ya call mt krna mene recording bhi ki hai sir aap batay mujhe kya notice aayenga

    1. You have done a marvelous job by recording the call and facing them with strong heart. Understand one thing, he is not the authority to send you notice. It is the court who will send you notice. This is how the legal proceedings take place. He is not the court. He is just trying to threaten you so that in fear you pay them. Do not be afraid of their threaten. They can’t do anything. If you have read this article of mine well, I have clearly told why he can not take legal action against you.

      To help you further, please forward all the mails and call recordings to [email protected] to understand your case well and help you in better manner.

      *** NEVER EVER PAY THEM ***

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