Case Against “KPV Solution, Aurangabad” for Data Entry Scam & Non Judicial Stamp Paper Scam

KPV Solution, B-9 Vasant Park, Dhule Road, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, 424001 is a proven SCAMMING COMPANY. There are many complaints raised by many people that can be found on internet and their phone numbers also marked as SPAM by many people which is visible if you have installed TrueCaller app in mobile.

So, when I received a call from a lady about Data Entry job, I got surprised that, how do they found my mobile number and called to employ me for Data Entry job. To find out the truth, I just agreed upon to work and followed their instructions. The instruction was such:

1. Initially a lady called and asked me whether I want to do data entry job or not. If you show disinterest, she will try to convince you in any way as they are highly trained professionals and they have very much talent to convince you.

2. Once you agreed, she tells you to send her a copy of AADHAAR card, your email address and phone number to her WhatsApp number.

3. Within few minutes you receive a mail where in you have to put an OTP that you will receive in your mobile after you open the link they have sent in your email.

4. Once you confirm the OTP, you receive another mail that contains some instructions and an agreement letter that are in 2 attachments. One in Non Judicial Stamp Paper and one in plain paper.

Case Against "KVP Solution, Aurangabad" for Data Entry Scam & Non Judicial Stamp Paper Scam

Case Against "KVP Solution, Aurangabad" for Data Entry Scam & Non Judicial Stamp Paper Scam

Case Against "KVP Solution, Aurangabad" for Data Entry Scam & Non Judicial Stamp Paper Scam

5. Another mail is received in which you can find your login credentials.

Case Against "KVP Solution, Aurangabad" for Data Entry Scam & Non Judicial Stamp Paper Scam

After this step, you are instructed to login to the portal and start working. As per their rule (if you have gone through the above screen shots), all the forms are required to be completed within 10 days period and on 11th day the forms have to be submitted. If you fail to do so, it will treated as forms not submitted. If after the quality check, there are more than 150 mistakes, KPV Solution will not pay any amount to me, rather they will charge me a sum of 4,900 Indian Rupees as a utility charge. If the mistakes are less than 150 which is allowed, the company will pay me @ ₹20/- per form.

Data Entry Scam - KPV Solution/Eon Tech

There are several factors that kept ticking in my mind this company to be a scam company.

  • The rate of pay is very high in comparison to the amount of data to be filled in each form.
  • After they allotted me the work, there were several calls from many companies asking me if I have any form filling work to allot them so that they can complete on my behalf. This shows that, the company provides me work, promises me to pay ₹20 per form. If I am a fool, I will hire them again to complete my work and pay some amount in order to do the filling work on my behalf and I pay them.
  • There is no profile section in their website where account details, payout details can be filled.
  • There is not company details in the webpage.
  • There were same name on many forms and other details were scrambled.
  • Many of the names do not resemble to be of humans too.
  • And many such other stuff that anyone can easily detect that to be a fraud company.

I could have avoided that work after noticing all these. But, I decided to expose them well and stop scamming to innocent people those are in search of a genuine job. So, I planned everything and decided to complete the work.

I kept the screenshots of all 1500 forms that I filled. After the submission of completed work they provide a PDF downloadable of the work. I did everything right and was waiting for their quality check report.

When I found their quality check report, there were 210 errors. So, I started checking each of them once again and I noticed that, they have added a space ( ) on most of forms in fifth column that is address box. When I matched the check report provided by them with the screenshots and PDF I saved, I found that the space is added later while checking by their team from their end. Here is the proof.

List of Data Entry Scam Sites Ripping Money From People in India

Quality Report Image

Screenshot I Saved

This is just one example. Out of 210, around 200 cases are like this. They would have been able to scam me if I would not have saved the screenshots to check myself with their report. There are many people who already got scammed by this company and feel bad about this as they wasted long 10 days of working and at last pay them. To stop this, this was my effort and now lodge a case in Aurangabad Court against the company. Also, this was an effort to aware people to stay away from this company and such companies. No genuine company will approach you they was they have approached. Please educate yourself and be safe.

I have written an email to them to give suitable reply, if not, I will approach the court and consumer forum against them and keep you updating about this case as and when there will be new updates. If you are a victim, join the cause and make others aware of this scam.

Their Website:

Since KPV Solution used Gmail to send mails I have reported about the scam and gmail accounts used in the scam to Google too.


Kindly forward all the mails and attachments you have received from KPV Solution to “[email protected]” to understand your case and guide and help you in better way.

Author: Aliva Tripathy

Taking out time from a housewife life and contributing to AxiBook is a passion for me. I love doing this and gets mind filled with huge satisfaction with thoughtful feedbacks from you all. Do love caring for others and love sharing knowledge more than this.

101 thoughts on “Case Against “KPV Solution, Aurangabad” for Data Entry Scam & Non Judicial Stamp Paper Scam

  1. Dear sir/Mam ,

    We are KPV SOLUTION Legal Department. This email is to inform you that
    You have fail/not submit/cancel your work.Then according to the
    terms& conditions,you have to pay pending payment before today.

    If you do not pay the amount then the company is eligible to take legal actions against you. Kindly Reply As Soon As Possible At This Mail.

    Mr. di Sharma(protected)
    Advocate Associate
    . Plz reply sir.

  2. Dear sir/Mam ,

    We are KPV SOLUTION Legal Department. This email is to inform you that
    You have fail/not submit/cancel your work.Then according to the
    terms& conditions,you have to pay pending payment before today.

    If you do not pay the amount then the company is eligible to take legal actions against you. Kindly Reply As Soon As Possible At This Mail.

    Mr. di Sharma(protected)
    Advocate Associate

  3. I also got stucked in this as per your guidelines, I have blocked all the numbers found in your article. Reported all the spam e-mail. I have also sent all their emails to your email id.

  4. Dear Concern,

    If you don’t pay this amount to the client than we will file case against you under contempt of court case. Even if Civil contempt is issued upon you than you’ve to pay penalty amount of Rs. 2,50,000 for civil contempt and Section 2 (B) shall be imposed on you. And once it is transpired to criminal contempt than you’ve to pay for criminal contempt which would be round about 5,00,000 and for contempt of arbitrary tribunal case will be escalated to Ministry of Law and Justice and Ministry of Home Affairs.

    Thank You.

    1. You should be afraid of this bogus threatening. They do nt send any notice. They just tell like this so that you pay them in fear. But never pay them and never talk to them. Just you be silent and nothing will happen to you. Read the comments of people. Not a single person has got any notice so far since I advised them not to pay them and not to talk to them. If you do not answer them, after some time they will stop asking you for money.

  5. Dear Concern,Consumer complaint team approached us and told to remove your details and not to contact you again. As you know because of you we can not suffer loss as per the agreement you are liable to clear our dues therefore we are giving you one chance, if you want to end this all right here pay Rs. 3,000/- we will remove your personal details, will not send any court notice on your address nor any arrest warrant will be issued against you. So please clear your dues By 3:00 PM today or arrest warrant will be issued against you.
    Kindly co-operate any reply soon.

    Legal Department

    R.K. Patel

    Sir this mail I got from them…
    Plz help me further… They are saying me about arrest warrant.

    1. are ye unka naya chal he. pay mat karna. kisibhi surat me pay mat karna. wo kuchh nehi kar sakte. reply bhi mat karo. phone no.s block kardo.

  6. Hello authorities.
    I also got stucked in this as per your guidelines, I have blocked all the numbers found in your article. Reported all the spam e-mail. I have also sent all their emails to your email id.
    I just afraid of legal action.
    Please provide me further guidelines to be followed to get out of this trap.

  7. Sir I have sent the mails to you which I received from them and blocked all their no. which was mentioned in your articles.
    What should I do now? I am just afraid of only legal action nothing I m afraid of now after reading your article. Please help me.

  8. Sir I also fell into this scam. Please help me in this regard.
    What should I do now? My term is going to end tomorrow plz help me?
    What should I do now? I have blocked all their no. And reported all their mail id as spam what should I do now.

  9. Hello sir, I also fell inti this deep hole of fraud. My term is going to end tomorrow. What should I do now. What if they sent legal notice against me or what about the calls as I have blocked all their calls. Plz help me further in this regard.

    1. Sorry for late reply as I was away on vacation. Just ignore all message and block their numbers and do not reply them. nothing will happen., just believe me and do this.

  10. Dear sir I am poor boy and the kpv solution company pressed on me for paying. I want my money for filling my 1500 form. First they said they provide salary but after they cheated with me can you help me ?? So do it.

  11. Adv M Patel will be appointed for the Arbitration proceedings at Indian Council of Arbitrator Court. Company will provide you last chance to clear the dues and settle the dispute outside the court. We will free you from all the charges, Kindly call 7219720966
    For Details.
    Ye massage Aya hai sir ab kiya Karun please help me.

  12. Iam also facing the same problem with this company they are calling again and again by saying that they have filed a case against me they have sent an advocate name and they said that the hard copy will be sent to your address i have paid them 4500/-inr by paying them i don’t have a problem but saying about the case i am very much afraid please help me get out of this please

  13. sir iam tabrez ahmad

    Mr/Ms md tabrez ahmad your hard copy notice has been dispached in your register address . reply us after recived on this no 7219720966.
    really koi hard copy mere address par ayega please suggest me . or agar agya to kiya karun .

  14. Eno tech ki taraf se case file kiya Gaya hai. But main unko koi reply nahi kar Raha Hun or advocate ka number block kar diya Hun wo massage kar rahe hai. Ki aap ke ghar par notice aye ga . Jabki agreement paper ek number hota hai red colour wo nahi hai so ye to fake hai.main thoda dara hua Hun aap ka thanks aap hum logon Ko himmat dete ho
    So please suggest me.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation. You have done right by blocking their number and not replying to them. They can’t do anything. Barking Do Seldom Bites.

  15. Same problem happen with me also. When i cross check with screenshot then i found in many cases the add sapce in postle address. Now the are sending me one legal notice and want mony 4900+3000rs. Is they really send any notice to my postal aadress? Or i have to pay?

  16. Same happened with me today I signed the agreement later after Checking in google I found it was fake I told them I dont want to continue they said ok and cut my call later I got a mail of my signed copy of agreement. After reading this I blocked all their numbers and contacts. I’m scared what if they send notices to my house.😓😓

  17. KPV SOLUTION IS RENAMED AS EON TECH AND STARTED THIS SCAM NOW. Hello sir/mam My name is RAJA . I searched for online jobs to earn some income to support my family. On 27 APRIL 2019 i received a call from an unknown number (Protected) her name was Arvi Patel she asked me to do home based simple typing job, i said yes then she said you have to do 1500 forms filling work in 10 days she offered me to submit id proof through her Mail id (Protected) i gave my id details then she signed an agreement from me, there were mentioned 4700 penalty charges if i failed to do the work in given time. On 29 April 2019 earlier they send me id & password for online work which should be completed by 7 maY 2019 i completed my work by 6th i have checked my forms twice I had submitted my work on 6 April 2019. I double checked them to avoid this mishap. Then they generated a QC report failed which showed that majority of my forms are wrong out of 900 which was impossible and then an advocate has called me his name was Deepak Joshi, today he forced me to pay 4700 penalty charges before 2 pm to clear out or close your agreement. He said there will be a confirmation call from NOC department for your clearance. They are somehow managing to use this trap to fool people. I am very stressed about it. I agree that it was my fault too, I should have been careful and critical before getting the work. Majority of opportunities are scam these days. These frauds are preventing students from utilizing their time and generating some income through hard work. This Please take strict action against these type of fraud peoples. Important numbers.Adv Deepak Joshi- 9766522684 Helpline mo.- 7046010435, 7046010439

  18. Hello. Maine EXA technology company k liye work kiya ta jisme 15000 captchas fill krne te. I failed to complete the work. So they told me to pay 9000 as penalty. But jb maine internet pe is comapny k reviews dekhe to I found it fake. But maine 9000 pay kr dia h. To kya koi solution h jisse muje mere paise vapas mil jaye. Maine unki company ko call kia ta n bola ta k mere paise return kr degiye vrna mai case krungi to unhone call attend krne bnd kr diye h. Unhone jis account me n paytm number pe mujse payment krvai ti vo dono mere pas h. Please give me some solution. Please. Thank you.

  19. Hello. They cheated to me also. Maine b unke 1500 forms fill kiye and unhone mere postal address section me double space daal dia h. Maine b kuch forms k screenshots liye te and I cross checked them but meri koi b mistake nhi h unme. Or jo backup k lye PDF bnai ti usme b koi mistake nhi show kr ra h jo unhone mention ki h. Meri 208 mistakes nikali h jinme se 110 correct h. Ab unki lawyer Priya Singh muje bar bar call kr rhi h n mails kr rhi h k payment kro vrna legal case hoga apke upr. And ab unki helpine department ya jin jone work dia ta vo call recieve b ni kr re h. Maine unhe abi tk kuch b pay nhi kia h. I’m afraid because I don’t want any kind of legal case against me. Vo bol rhe h k Indian Contract Act 1872 k under vo mujpe charges lgaenge. Please help me as soon as possible. Thank you.

    1. Dear Sushma Mam, do not worry. They can’t take any legal action against you. They are doing fraud. How can you believe a fraud person with fake documents can take legal action against you. Just relax. DO not panic. Just block their phone number and do not respond to their emails. They can’t do anything. Just believe me. You can see the comments of so many people written below. None of them being a victim after they followed my instruction. So, nothing to worry and do not panic. NEVER PAY THEM.

      1. Hello ,
        How to complain?
        I’ve been charged 7500 for not submitting my assignment as i was out for job interviews(he said they’ll take legal action & my case will be forwarded to my local police station) After i paid the amount the advocate says if you want to continue you’ll have to pay 3months registration fees and you’ll get the assignment in next 2days and I’ll be able to work.
        And if you want to terminate the bond from this company you’ll have to pay 12000 as the bond was for 11months.
        I called the KPV CUSTOMER SERVICE she don’t talk well also don’t provide the management no.Also the management no.which i have is switched off.
        And the advocate keeps on calling.
        Please suggest something.

        1. never pay them. they can’t do anything just believe me. stop talking to them and keep silent. you are safe. they can’t take any legal action against you.

  20. I have signed the company agreement and after signing that agreement I found on Google there are many complaints against company. The company is fake and they have told me to complete the work within 10 days. Now what can I do please help me to come out from this situation.please help me.

      1. Hello can i get your contact no.or email id. I need to talk. Now I’ve been asked for 12980 for terminating the company contract with me.
        I’ve been given 4pm today to decide.
        7008734502 please call me.

        1. Never pay them. they are fraud and can’t take any legal action against you. never pay them. Just believe me and do not pay them. stop talking to them or attaining their call.

  21. I Am Also A Victim Of This And I Had Worked A Lot Fof This Company Work And I Had Submitted The Forms With Out A Mistake And I Had Checked All 1500 Forms For 4 Times I Had Not Found Any Mistake And With 100% Accuracy I Had Submitted The Work But, Later On I Came To Know That It’s Totally a Big Scam, File A Case Aganist This Company And The Agreement Provided By This Company Is FAKE One.

  22. hii
    guys dont do this stupidity its fully scam and trap firstly lady calling you after that she will provide agreement software link after that she said upload your photo and signature and jst minor mistake in your data entry they will no provide any salary………………………… guys plz dont do this all the people they have cheated

  23. Hello,

    I am a housewife and I was also contacted by EON Tech company for a data entry form filling job and I don’t have the background in this so I accepted.

    I had given these guys my Voter ID card and my photo on Sunday and now I am scared after reading the comments and reviews here. Did you file a case against the company or any new information that you received on this company will help me in lessening my fear now. Please help


    1. Just be assured that they can not take any action against you and do not fear about what they say about notice and all fake stuff. Just do not waste your time on this site. Ignore all and focus on your stuff.

  24. Under Section 420 you need to clear the dues of the company and settle your dues otherwise we have to proceed further. For details call in 7265863886
    Sir today I have receive above massage from KPV please advise.

  25. Sir infotech main ne 2 din pahle join ki thi but aap ka comments dekh ke main ne unko cancellation request Dala to unho ne legal action ki dhammi di hai
    Infotech ka address search karta Hun to kvp company ka address again hai thoda far Gaya Hun so please suggest me.

    1. Do not worry, all of them are same. Do not pay them and do not be afraid of their threatens. They can not take any legal action against you. JUST DO NOT PAY THEM. If possible, send your mails and attachments to [email protected]

      1. plss help sir
        same problem
        she send this mail

        We are KPV SOLUTION Legal Department. This email is to inform you that You have fail/not submit/cancel your work.Then according to the terms& conditions,you have to pay pending payment before today.

        If you do not pay the amount then the company is eligible to take legal actions against you. Kindly Reply As Soon As Possible At This Mail.

          1. This is to inform you that we have received your file from our client KPV Solution for legal procedure in our Advocate Associate firm. You have violated the agreement clauses and our client want to proceed further, Under Indian Contract Act 1872.
            We are sending you the soft copy Notice in your email and hereby you are informed to reply back to us within 2 days

          2. Mr/Ms. Namrata Girap your hard copy Notice has been dispatched in your registered address. Do reply us after received, on this no 8669821135

  26. hello sir kpv solution company ko mene same day work cancelled krne ko kha usk bad bhi mujhe case ka fake mail kiya or call krk 45000 amount pay krne ko bola me unhe koi bhi amount pay nahi karunga

  27. Mr./Ms.Umesh Sah internal case (3459947) has been listed on 01/05/2019 for proceedings. Kindly call in 7447585138 for details.
    Dear sir
    Abhi ek message aaya hai as above
    Please give suggestions.

  28. mai bhi is scam ka victim hu par maine kio payment nahi kiya hai . unkee taraf se legal action line ke bare me kaha ja raha hai par unko ye nahi pata ki maine koi bhi sign nahi kiya hai paper pe. agar vo sahi hai to unka GST NO. kaha hai ya website kaha hai gst no. nahi hai to iska matlab hai ki vo log fraud hai maine bhi final submission karne se phele fura form check kiya tha not one mistake will be found in form but they said that you are not qualify the cut off

  29. Sir Maine bhi agreement sign kar diya hai Aur Apni id Ki photo send kar di hai Kpv solutions ko.. Unki side se login credentials mail bhi aa gya hai Par Ab Mai soch raha hu Ki unki site pe login hi nahi karu.. Waise Abhi tak Maine Koi payment nahi Ki hai.. Please guide me mujhe Kya karna chahiye Kya nahi.

  30. I have received a call and same process is processed as mentioned above comment. The company name eontech this time. I am little afraid to this. Please give me any suggestions

    1. Dear Nitesh Soni, Please do not be afraid of those fake mails, fake agreement and fake calls. Never pay them. If you want my suggestion, then go to your nearest police station and file FIR against the company. The company does not have a GST number, which means it is fake. Otherwise, just imagine, is there a company running in India and not having GST no. a valid company. Just chill. Tell them to take legal action against you. I am 10000000000000% sure, they cann ‘t take any legal action against you.

  31. Dear Concern,
    We Advocate Associate hereby inform you that, KPV solution company has send your file in our Advocate Associate firm to proceed further.
    Before providing the work, we have given you demo work of the practical work, after confirmation of your’s company has done the registration and later you will receive the User id and password has been sent in your registered email address. Also we have your agreement, acceptance letter, id proof and voice verification.
    You’ve to pay the Utility and maintenance charge to the,KPV solution company. We also suggest you that once you pay this amount in good faith we will issue your NOC letter within the stipulated time of 45 minutes. Hence, we insist you to pay your outstanding to our client in good faith, so we can close your file from our end.
    Your agreement is mend with sole proprietor company for which you need to clear your dues as per an arbitrary and conciliation act of 1996 as per an article 14 as depicted in an agreement.

    Thank you.
    Advocate Associate.
    Mai bhi iska sikar hogya as above mail.
    Please give suggestions.

    1. Darne ki koi jarurat nehi. Ye sab fake he. Pay mat karna. Unka sare document illegal aur fake he. Wo stamp paper fake he. Usme koi bhi advocate sign nehi kia he aur nahi tumne. Court isko nehi manega. Aur, sabse badi baat, unhone abhi tak koi bhi correspondence apni website ke email se nehi kia he. Jo ye bataa he ki wo cheat kar rahe he. Aur, jo bhi log aapko contact kar rahe he, wo sab ek hi team he aur alag alag name se contact kar rahe he. To darne ki koi jarurat nehi he. Agar aap aur safe chahte ho to police station jao aur waha cyber cell me fir file karo. Baki ka kam wo dekh lenge. Jate samay sare document ka print out lete jana. Email ka bhi print lena. Koi bhi salah ya madad merese chahiye to jarur contact page me jake message karna. Me within 1 hour aapko reply karunga. Darne ki koi jarurat nehi. Me aapka sath hu.


    1. I am afraid you can get your money back unless you take action against them legally. For that you need to file an fir in cyber cell in your local police station with all those documents you have received in your email.

      And do not pay them any more money. They can’t take any legal action against you.

    1. Thanks for informing Vaibhav, You did a fantastic job by exposing them. I will keep an eye on this EON TECH and will expose them as soon as possible.

      If you are aware of this, means you must have got some mail from them if I am not wrong.

      Could you share all the mails you have got from them so that I can make a research to this new info you have provided and expose them?

      If you can please let me know, I will send you my email details to forward those mails.

  32. Thanks for posting this. If I hadn’t read this, I too would have been a victim of this scam.
    Although I submitted the forms but I got a doubt on them once I checked my quality report because I was sure that I had not made so many silly mistakes.
    The lawyer contacted me, but I blocked his number and all the numbers related to KPV Solutions as soon as I read this post of yours.
    Thank you once again. Your post saved me.

    1. You are welcome Tasneem. I am happy to know that you escaped. If possible please send the documents you have received from them as agreement. If I can collect some documents from some people who got scammed, I can make a report for this and make it available for the information of others and they can also be helped. If you can, please send to me. Once again thanks.

    1. You should not have paid them. Now if you want to teach the fraud company a lesson, then go and lodge an FIR in your local police station / cyber crime for financial fraud and then register a case in consumer forum.

    1. First of all you should not have paid them at all. If you have paid, then go and file an FIR in your local police station against the company as they have cheated you in the name of providing work and editing at their backend and claiming money. Also, I am sure, the stamp paper is a fraud one. You can also take a print of the stamp paper and attach that with the FIR. The police can help you out.

  33. Thanks for posting this blog and I wholeheartedly thank you for catching up all the loose ends of this fraud let me know in-case if you required any sort of help to fight against these bunch of fraud people.

    1. Thanks Arpan, The company is given a 7 day notice to reply to the mail. If they do not reply with proper details, I will proceed to court and then I definitely need support from all the people they have cheated.

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