Order Delivery Scam Mail for Fake Order

You might have come across some mail that says “Your Order Has Been Shipped” or “We Have Shipped Your Order” or something like this. When you receive this order, that looks so genuine and authentic that you get surprised and keep scratching your head and ask yourself a simple questions. “when did I ordered this item?” and you never find  the answer and start exploring the order which may look something like this and the email from which it comes also looks so authentic that you get confused. Take a look.

Here in the above image you will notice that the sender tries to make it genuine as it has come from “[email protected]” where as it is actually the name of the email account and the email from which actually this message is sent appears within <>. See below a real genuine mail.

In the above image the name of the sender appears before < and in the top image there it appears [email protected] Because, generally people know very well and if they see the email address they will think this to be genuine mail and go ahead with further process which is the actual intention of the sender to visit their link and get in trap what is called phishing attack.

Now lets see what is in the attachment that you see is a MS Word file in the top image.

It says about a subscription confirmation and there is a recurring subscription warning too if I do not cancel the subscription they will keep charging me that amount you see in the above image. Also you can see some letter are hyperlinked and say to go to those links to take further action. YOU SHOULD NEVER OPEN THOSE LINKS” because, those are links that will infect your computer, mobile and if you put any financial data they will steal those data and steal your money.

How To Stay Safe From Global Star Solutions Latur Maharashtra Data Entry Scam Company

How to stay safe?

The best way is, not to open such mails and links. Because, you know better whether you made any purchase or not. Also, when you make a purchase, you get confirmation from the company on your mobile messages and emails. Also, the email supposed to be of the company. In the first image the email is from [email protected] and this email no way looks genuine.

When I tried to open the site I found that that there is no such site exist. Here is the proof.

Now, if you go and visit the links in the attachment, definitely that will take you to a phishing site where you will be asked to put your financial details such as bank details, credit card details and your money is gone. So, better is not to visit such links ad not to believe such mails and never share or forward such mails to anyone else.

Share this message make others safe as you have been.

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