Data Entry Scam Review

Is data entry site a real or fake company?

There are many speculations whether adpostingjob4u run by cyber expo is a legit site or not. My first impression says, it’s a scam site. Why is it so? Let me explain each aspect of this site being scam in detail so that you also agree with me and keep yourself safe from this company.

1. The very first thing I did is, checked the details of the site in site which provides the account details of the domain owner. When a person buys a domain here is “” from a domain selling company, they collect some data from the person or company purchasing the domain for record purpose and the core domain company ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) who manages all domains globally saves the personal data of the buyer. Here is what it says about the site. (Complete List of Data Entry Scam Sites)

Here the company has hidden their real data so that no one knows about them.

2. In it’s “About Us” page it says that this company is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company where as they have not provided the Certificate issued by ISO authority. Each ISO certified company is issued with a certificate and their details are also available in the ISO site which can be checked in the official site of ISO Certification. But neither adpostingjob4u run by cyber expo provides any certificate nor any record exist in the official ISO Certification site.

3. In the “About Us” page they have provided the details how they have progressed with time and in the end they said “We are Selling Technology on Internet” –  Cyber Expo !, CEO but forgot to mention the name of CEO which is a big mess. Any company states something in the name of CEO, always mentions the name of CEO and here they lack in proving the genuineness again. However, in the privacy page they have mentioned the name  of Administrator Contact Person- Mr. Anirban K (CEO). It’s an one man army show as he is everything, means, this is not a company. If a company, then can’t be a single person maintaining everything.

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4. The explanation says there is no joining fee at one place, in another place it says Rs. 1 and in their privacy policy they say, generally they don’t offer refunds for their products and services once you have made the payment and elected to continue with the product. If you compile all of these statements, it is very confusing in itself. No fee, then Rs. 1 and later says about if you purchase. These statements are contradictory to each other.

5. In their Terms of Service, they have said that they are not a job provider company, rather a platform for finding job opportunity only for enthusiastic and skillful people. If they are not a job provider company, how can they provide you job and pay you.

6. Complaints made by several workers that they have worked with and posted in various sites are placed below for the information. Because the voice of people is the voice of God.

While doing research about, I also found some proof of payment posted by a user where the payment proof looed genuine, but the way it was narrated in the article looked everything was planned. The article framed as an interview of a client of site but the language used to design the article was a promotion for the site which creates a doubt that it can be a trap.

So, I leave to the wisdom of yours. I have kept everything in front of you and now it is you to decide whether to work with this site or quit.

Author: Aliva Tripathy

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