Merch by Amazon – Print On Demand (POD) Dropshipping Pros & Cons


  • $6.1M investing in printing equipment
  • 350+ staff across the USA and EU
  • $125M+ sold by customers through Printful
  • 3.19M orders fulfilled to date


+ Trusted and reputable company

+ Huge marketplace (one of the biggest and qui ckest growing) to tap into

+ Set your own royalty, you control how much you make per sale

+ All products are eligible for Amazon Prime so can be far quicker to deliver products than other POD services

+ Easy-to-use interface, quick and simple to create designs

+ Factories based in both the USA and EU, great for those of you looking to sell to a wider market


– Request invite only (requires application process)

Very limited product range, t-shirts only

– Doesn’t integrate with other platforms, only sells and publishes to the Amazon market

– A limited number of designs you can upload (25 t-shirt designs)


Creating an account with Amazon Merch is free. Like any other POD service, you pay for fulfillment + shipping.

One of the biggest benefits of being a customer on Amazon is that you are probably going to get the lowest price. Sellers are ALWAYS competing for the lowest price, and if you are in the FBA world, you might have had one or more wars over grabbing that buy box.

Simply put, price is one of the biggest driving factors of many decisions on Amazon. Usually the lower the price, the better.

That is just simply not always true when it comes to Merch on Amazon. Why? Because when you are buying Merch, people shop with their eyes first, and the price second. Even if you take nothing else away from this article, please take away that point. People will shop with their EYES first, and the price second.

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