Saaho (2019) [Hindi – HQ PreDVDRip – x264 – 700MB – HQ Line Audio]

Sthitaprajnasya ka bhasa samadhisthasya keshava
Sthitadhih Kim prabhaseta Kimasita vrajeta Kim.
స్థితప్రజ్ఞస్య కా భాషా సమాధిస్థస్య కేశవ|
స్థితధీ:కిం ప్రభాషేత కిమాసీత వ్రజేత కిమ్||

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Action Thriller Genre of with 171 Minutes. It is the Perfect👌Depicted Story Telling on the Screen. It is not the First Or Second Half, it is about the Whole Movie. As per Story concern.
Production Designer – Sabu Cyril did a Fantastic Job. UVCreations has got Balls to Produce the Movie with such Budget.

Action Director – Kenny Bates Did a Amazing Job & All the Stunt Crew gave their Best. I enjoyed watching Action on the Screen for a Telugu Movie, it was superb. Watching Darling Prabhas riding the bike that whole scene was Amazing. I felt like, am i really seeing the Prabhas. I Really wanted to see that cut out in those kind of scenes actually. It was really👌good watching on the screen.
I have seen Completely a Different Prabhas in Saaho which i never expected. He was completely Magnificent. Only for him we can see multiple times.
When coming to Writing Part, it is the Screenplay Based Movie with Excellent Story Line which is known well with which reveals everything slowly one after one till the end. That’s the Speciality of the Screenplay. Sujeeth can do even more better. But, it is the Prabhas #Saaho Solid Screen Presence made it in other level. Sujeeth shown us a New Prabhas in the Saaho. I Appreciate for that.
Actors EvelynSharm, Mandirabedi, ArunVijay, ChunkyPandey, Jackieshroff, Cute ShraddhaKapoor, Vennelakishore, Murlisharma, NeilNitinMukesh. Loved watching them in One Movie. They did their best at their Own Level. Especially, Arun Vijay, Chunky Pandey was Superb & all other actors did so well. Loved their Screen Presence.
When Comes to the Music, BGM was 👌Solid Gives Solid👌High. Bad Boy, Baby Don’t You Tell Me are Wonderful Watchable Songs & Other Songs are 👌Good.
Loved Bad Boy Song Watching Jackqueline Fernandez with Prabhas & Prabhas with Jacqueline.
It is the time to Wake him up & Say to Prabhas that Saaho is Blockbuster Hit. I think his friends would’ve woken him up & said Saaho is a Blockbuster. Prabhas became the Pan India Superstar.
After Me Coming Out Watching Prabhas Saaho. ఎందుకో తెలీయని సంతోషంతో కూడిన గర్వం కలిగింది . I Was Feeling Pride Because of those Action Scenes in Telugu Cinema Saaho & Prabhas seems like a Hollywood Cut Out. Amazing Feeling Watching Prabhas Saaho on the Screen. He was Looking Super Terrific Outstanding on the Screen. Loved it.
Don’t Miss Watching Saaho Movie. Watch Only in the Theaters. Not in Piracy, Not on TV or On Netflix Or Anything for that Matter. Because You will miss the Real View of Watching Saaho on the Screens. Don’t Miss it. It is to be experienced not to express. So, Experience Only in the Theaters. After that, You can Watch on TV or on something you want. I knew you won’t stop watching Saaho Or Forget that Movie.

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I watched Saaho 2 times. I’m not his Fan, not only to him I’m not to anyone fan but love those actors who are acted, acting so well. People have to learn new & will get matured with each movie keep coming. No doubt about it. So, I Loved Watching Prabhas in the Saaho.
Saaho made an Effect. That is, it has given the people the courage to produce the films with high budget with high standards. We can improve our standards in every aspect. UV Producers also hiked the Bar of Telugu Cinema.Thanks to Rajamouli who always Pushed the boundaries of Telugu Cinema from Magadheera to Bahubali.
It’s really a Good Achievement to go Telugu Cinema in Other Level because of the Producers & Directors, Cast & Crew who are trying very hard Making the Films. Still there is a lot to Achieve. It just Started.Keep Going.

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