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Well Visualized,but Over written

Movie Review-: SAAHO

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Two mega blockbusters gave a star known as Prabhas.After Bhahubali people took Indian Cinema seriously on world canvas.Saaho is the first movie after Baahubali in which Prabhas is not wearing an armor.
Ofcourse, expectations were high.People were looking for Saahobali.Especially,when the budget of movie is above 350 crores,but meets mostly to thumbs down.

It seems director Sujeeth was under pressure of Prabhas’ superstar image.He tried to show Prabhas’ larger than life image and tried to break his Baahubali image.This pressure made him to try approx every formula in film,but over cooked dish is
also give bad taste like half cooked.

Yes,the plus point of Saaho is its well visualized action sequences.The nail biting action scenes give a kind of thriller,but as I wrote over cooked.

Some scenes were the resultants of over dramatic approach whether it is a snake in Prabhas entry scene or car destroying tank in a song.Makers tried to shape a suspense thriller over a poor story plot.There are lots of turn and twist come after every 10 minutes.It’s very hard to remember which turn means what ? Yes,if you are a genius audience and you think in Byomkesh Bakshi style.Definitely you will find some unnecessary twists and many unexplained angles.

No effort did make on editing table.
The two and half hours long running time tests our patience.In which we see 4-5 romantic tracks.If you are a musicophile you are going to upset.Among full doze of action director found time for romance.Prabhas and Shraddha used to romance with each other,but the whole love path is very unconvincing.Belive Only
then if you think saying 2-3 sentences is an enough reason to love anyone even changing vows.

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Let’s talk about Prabhas dialogue delivery which is very slow.Hindi from his tongue is like a torture on our ears,
okay here we can compromise with his tamil identity,but what about expressions.I’m also a big fan of Prabhas like you,but in Saaho he almost gave some same expressions.
Sorry,I have to say he did just average work.On otherhands Shraddha’s character is poorly skected.She looks low like.

The thing which drew my attention was Saaho’s huge starcast includes Sanjay Manjrekar,Neil Nitin,Jackie Shroff,Mandira Bedi and Chunky Pandey.Again as I said in above para that director was under pressure.It’s very disappointing that he wanted to picture only Prabhas,so why he signed these stars.Only Chunky Pandey succeed to impact audience with phsyco like acting and gangster like salt n pepper look.At first initiative you can’t believe it’s Chunky who played Pasta (In Housefull).He is damn good.Jackie’s roll ends before it starts.Other cast is like a product which you bought but forgot to use.

Now many fans can ask If the film is so bad then where is the investment of 350 crores.So as I told the action,starcast and visualization consumed this big budget.Story revolves around a fictional crime world named ‘Waazi City’.Producer spent crores in preparing the set of Waazi city.It’s similar like the KGF in kGF,but here the main focus was on sky touching buildings rather than the life of gangsters.Even the story treatment and narrative style remind KGF.Unfortunately, Saaho misses the emotions which is very important to connect with story.Story doesn’t depict the character development despite having some experienced actors.Yet,camera angle and cinematography was upto the mark.

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The CGI is like ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’.At some points poor CGI raise the question of big budget.The dress up could be better.You can’t connect with story and characters is biggest minus of Saaho.While hollywood level action persuade to watch if you don’t die after seeing non-sense turn and twists.

Yes,two thing can surely happen with Saaho first week can convert in big numbers at box office because of Baahubali fans.Second Saaho is not bali (Impactful).Take risk only if you bear this exhausting watch.

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