Arjun Patiala (2019) 720p PreDVD Rip x264 1.2GB AAC

Arjun Patiala (2019) 720p PreDVD Rip x264 1.2GB AAC.Arjun Patiala. Most Ultra senseless and ilogical film in the recent times 0.5 Star.
Save yourself from this drama that gives Trauma ,Here comes a film that can compete with films like Humshakal,Himmatwaala to top the list of worst films ever made in the history of Indian Cinema. This film needed no director because there is no story,no script or anything worth it.Seems like the film has been randomly shot for fun without even a bit of thought process or logic behind. High time disaster a film that you would never want to watch. A total ultra flop from talented actor like Diljith & Kriti Sanon . Never recommended on any medium of watch.


>Absolutely Nothing


>From the start to its end the film has no logic , no sense , no meaning , anything in random keeps on happening
>As the film progresses it gets worse the charcters turn into game avatars , the makers make unnecessary announcements at scenes stating due to low budget they left out the editing
>Action sequences turn into game mode each person gets points onscreen +5,+50,+60 for a punch , a hit or smash .
>Poor acting or say overacting to its par by the complete cast .
>Everything starting from the dialouge to action or emotion falls flat and dead flat making it a disastrous watch .


Save yourself from this movie . Not at all recomended at cinemas or anywhere for watch .

Arjun Patiala (2019) 720p PreDVD Rip x264 1.2GB AAC

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