Differences Between Plain Milling Machine and Universal Milling Machine

Plain Milling Machine

It is rigid and sturdy. Heavy workpieces are mounted and machined on the machine. The work mounted on the table is moved vertically, longitudinally and crosswise against the rotating cutter. The table cannot be rotated. It is also called as horizontal milling machine because the cutter rotates in horizontal plane.

Plain Milling Machine

Universal Milling Machine

The table of a universal milling machine can be swiveled by 45º on either side and so helical milling works can be performed. It is named so because it can be adapted for a very vide range of milling operations.

Various milling attachments like index head, vertical milling head, slot milling head and rotary table can be mounted. It can machine drills, reamers, gears, milling cutters with a very high degree of accuracy and so it finds an important place in a workshop.

Universal Milling Machine


Plain Milling Machine Universal Milling Machine

1.  The table can be moved vertically, longitudinally and crosswise.

2. Helical milling works cannot be done as the tablecannot be swiveled.

3. As there are no special attachments, operations like gear cutting, slotting and vertical milling cannot be performed.

4.   It is more rigid and suitable for machining on heavy and large workpieces and for simple milling operations.

5. The cost is less.

 1.  Apart from the three movements of a plain milling machine, it can be swiveled about 45º.

2.  The table can be swiveled and helical milling and spiral milling can be performed.

3.    Special attachments like indexing head, rotary table, vertical milling attachment, slotting head are available with this machine. So spur gear, helical gear, bevel gear, cutters and reamers can be machined.

4.  It is meant for light workpieces. A vide range of operations can be performed in this machine. It is mainly used in tool rooms.

5.  It is very costly.

Workholding Devices of Milling Machine

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