What is Capstan Lathe Machine, Application & Technical Specification

A capstan machine is a processing machine used to make the same parts again and again. The cutting bits are mounted on a rotatable turret known as a capstan, which permits the client to rapidly change the introduction of the bits for slicing without needing to take off the first bit and afterward mount the second. A bit of crude material, off and on again known as a clear, is mounted into the capstan machine and is then spun at high velocity. The cutting apparatuses, some of the time known as blades, are then used to slice into the clear to make another shape or outline.

At the point when another shape or plan needs to be cut on the same clear, the instrument turret might be pivoted and an alternate blade can reach the pivoting clear. This makes the capstan machine speedy and simple to utilize, which is vital when the client is making the same part again and again from different spaces. The majority of the instruments are now mounted on the capstan machine, and with a straightforward turn of the turret, the client can make the vital cuts. More established machines do oblige that the client turn the turret physically.

More up to date machines may utilize machine numeric controls (CNC). A workstation might be customized to pivot the clear at a particular rate, conform device profundity and contact, and turn the capstan or turret when important to make the correct cuts. The preferences of a CNC capstan machine over a manual machine incorporate time funds, proficiency, and tight tolerances of cuts. The machine guarantees all spaces are decreased to inside a certain tolerance, making a consistency among the parts that most customers or customers will request. A CNC capstan machine administrator will need to screen the machine once it is modified, and he or she will need to include or expel the spaces from the headstock, yet overall, the machine will perform a significant part of the cutting without any human communication.

Manual capstan machine machines can additionally list the instruments to a particular position to make parts more than once, however mechanical pieces will need to be put by hand before the operation starts. The client will place bars or pieces deliberately for every progressive instrument that will perform the cutting, and those squares will must be uprooted and afterward supplanted if an alternate part is to be made. This includes a bit of time over a CNC machine, yet spares time over different styles of machines that don’t offer capstans.

Application of Capstan Lathe Machine

Machines are suitable for batch production of small components & secondary operations requiring Turning, Drilling, Grooving, Threading, Boring, Recessing, Forming etc. with semi skilled operator. Best suited for Sanitary works.

Technical Specifications of Capstan Lathe Machine

Spindle hollow (mm)252832384242
Maximum collet capacity (mm)202525324040
Range of spindle speeds (RPM)650-1660650-1660275-900165-1500165-1500100-1050
Effective strokes of turret slide(mm)100110130140140165
Bore size in turret hex head252525253232
Center of holes above turret slide (mm)454545454545
Max. dist. Between300375400425425430

Spindle Nose To Turret Face (mm)

Cross slide traverse travel (mm)9595959595150
Cross slide longitudinal travel (mm)300300300300300300
Length of bed (mm)98010501275122512251375
Width of bed (mm)178178178178178230
Height, of center above bed (mm)165165165165165190
Floor space required (mt.)2.5×12.5×13×13×13×13×1
Packing size (approx)(Sq.ft.)4x3x54x3x54.5x3x55x3x55x3x55x3x5


Standard Equipment :
  • Manual Turret
  • Cross Slide with two Tool Posts
  • One Coupling 165mm, Spanner Set
  • Allen key set
  • Oil Cane
Extra Equipment :
  • Collet Chuck
  • Bar Feed attachment
  • Electric motor
  • Vertical Slide
  • Coolant Pump & its fitting
  • Feed for turret slide
  • Panel board & its fittings
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