Safety Precautions while Working in Casting shop

Similar to other manufacturing processes, the following safety precautions need to be taken in the casting shop also.

1. One should use mask to avoid excessive inhalation of the dust, which may cause serious problem to health.
2. Always wear protective clothes to keep safe from the heat radiating from the melting process.
3. All foundry men should wear protective clothes, glasses, shoes, and gloves while handling molten metal for casting process.
4. One should be alert as severe burn injury can result from spillage of the molten metal.
5. Always use proper ventilation to protect from molten metal fumes and gases that evolve from the mould during pouring.
6. One should not touch hot moulds and castings.
7. Always use earplugs to safeguard against the heavy noise.
8. One should always keep clean the work area.

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