Pit Furnace Usage & Schematic Diagram

Pit furnace is a type of a furnace bath which is installed in the form of a pit and is used for melting small quantities of ferrous and non ferrous metals for production of castings. It is provided with refractory inside and chimney at the top. Generally coke is used as fuel. It is provided with refractory lining inside and chimney at the top. Natural and artificial draught can be used for increasing the capability towards smooth operation of the furnace. The image below shows the typical pit furnace.

Pit furnace
Pit Furnace

Main advantages of pit furnaces processes

  • Work flexibility, resulting from the speed of heating and cooling of the load
  • Economic effectiveness, due to the relatively small requirements for media needed for furnace operation
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • Very high repeatability of processes and very precise heat treatment of various parts
  • High accuracy of process control (temperature and carbon potential)
  • Safe operation
  • Ability to treat large parts
  • Conformity with the AMS 2750 D

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