Comparison Among Grey, White and Spherodidal Cast Iron

The comparison among grey, white and spheroidal cast iron otherwise known ad ductile cast iron is given below.


Grey Cast Iron

White Cast Iron

Spheroidal Cast Iron

1.It is an alloy of carbon and silicon with iron having grey color when fractured. It is marked by the presence of flakes of matrix of ferrite, pearlite or austenite. Carbon in iron exists in free form as graphiteWhite cast iron has almost all its carbon as iron carbide. Its broken surface shows a bright white fracture.Graphite appears as around Particles or spheroids.
2.It has good machinability, high resistance to wear, high vibration damping capacity and high compressive strength.It has poor machinability, excellent abrasive wear resistance.It has good machinability, good damping, excellent castability and sufficient wear resistance
3.It is used in machine tool structure, Main-hole covers, cylinder blocks, heads for I.C. engines, gas or water pipes for underground purposes, frames for electric motors, piston rings and sanitary wares.It is used for producing malleable iron castings and manufacturing those structural component parts which require a hard and abrasion resistant material.It is used in I.C. engines, paper Industry machinery,  achinery for farming and tractor,  application, earth moving machinery, valve and fittings, pipes, pumps, compressors and construction machinery.
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