7 Ways to Make Money Online by Selling or Renting What You Have or Make

The following 7 ways to make money online in this section are for those people who just want to make some money from selling what they have or make.

Selling or renting what you have or make can be a quick way to make some extra money and can even lead into other ways to make money online.

Selling or renting what you have or make can also be a little risky if damage is made to your property or items for instance. Be sure to have adequate insurance in place and try to be careful if you are renting out anything you own particularly.

The secret to making money from selling or renting what you have or make is good photography to show off your property or items and attractive pricing. If you have a premium property or product then obviously, you can charge a premium price but be realistic about what you are charging.


Selling what you don’t need/want on eBay, Gumtree or similar.

We all own something that we don’t want anymore. Either you bought it, it was given by a friend, family or an acquaintance; and now it’s left lying around neglected in your house. Instead of throwing out any unwanted stuff, why not sell it? It may seem useless to you, but there’s bound to be someone out there who’s interested.

eBay is one of the well-known marketplace platforms out there and people love it because it works so well. As a buyer, you can find bargain deals on things you simply couldn’t find on the high street, eBay opens the possibilities of what you can find as it’s not limited to your local garage sales and shops. As a seller, it’s a great way for selling unwanted goods, with easy transactions and a ridiculously simple set up for your own eBay shop (which is a great way to showcase your stuff), all for a small fee for what you sell.

There’s endless possibilities of the kind of items you could sell on eBay. Have clothes that don’t fit you anymore but are still in good condition? Perhaps you had a collection of comics or action figures as a kid that you no longer use? There are more than 800 million items listed in the eBay marketplace, and with 162 million users – there’s bound to be someone who’s interested in what you have.

However, ebay.com isn’t the only option, sites such as Gumtree provide a similar yet more varied service. Gumtree.com is a marketplace for not just household items but vehicles, property, jobs, pets and services. Unlike eBay, your buyers on Gumtree are likely to be local, hence people often prefer to use Gumtree for selling large household items such as sofas or pianos – as it would be hugely costly to try and ship those internationally. Instead, selling such large items on Gumtree allows for local pick up and cash on collection.

Whatever marketplace you decide to use, both these sites are easy to use, and allow for fast, safe selling and buying of just about anything.


Selling hand-made items you make such as arts and crafts on Etsy or similar.

If you enjoy making crafts and think others would be interested in purchasing your handmade items, well it couldn’t be any easier. The internet has brought about a whole host of retail platforms for independent artisans and craftspeople to promote and sell their wares. Whilst some are more popular than others, they all serve the same purpose – to help showcase the skills and creativity of those that perhaps would not get the exposure they deserve elsewhere.

Etsy.com is arguably one of the more well-known sites where you can sell handmade items, vintage items and crafting supplies. Etsy’s creative marketplace has over 24 million buyers with low commission fees of just 3.5%. Setting up an Etsy shop is simple and easy, it requires no monthly fees and they have powerful tools that enable you to track your shop’s stats such as views, favourites, orders – to increase your shop’s performance and sales.

However, with the increase in purchasing handmade crafts online, many other sites have also popped up in recent years. Folksy.com is particularly popular within the UK, with over ¼ million buyers visiting Folksy each month. Unlike Etsy, Folksy works on a monthly subscription service selling only exclusively handmade crafts.

Another alternative is Zibbet.com who in their own words aim to help you “buy unique handmade products, fine art, vintage and craft supplies”. The community of Zibbet is smaller, at around 50,000 sellers, however it has features that other independent retail platforms do not have. This includes a website builder tool, enabling you to create your very own professional looking website to showcase all your items, as well as a store page on Zibbet’s marketplace. What’s more, both your website and marketplace store is seamlessly integrated, making it easy to manage and track your inventory and orders from one admin panel.

Whatever site you decide to choose, this is a brilliant opportunity to turn a wellloved hobby into a profitable business. You can enhance your skills doing something you love, whilst being able to share your wonderful creations with those around the globe! I’d say, not bad.


Renting spare rooms or properties via Airbnb or similar.

Airbnb is an online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes with those looking for accommodation. The company’s growth sky rocketed between 2014 and 2015, nearly doubling its growth in users. Today, Airbnb hosts in 190 countries and more than 34,000 cities. So why is this service so popular?

One of the main reasons why so many people choose to use Airbnb is that they want to experience a city in a more local, authentic way. Whilst not only being more affordable, one of the major selling points of Airbnb is simply the fact that it is not a hotel experience. Guests can select from a variety of options, from shared room, private room or even renting an entire house, whilst enjoying the quiet neighbourhoods lacking in hotels and benefiting from their host’s local knowledge.

This service is not only an excellent experience for guests but for hosts too. Signing up is completely free, making a listing of your space is free and you have complete flexibility over factors such as price, availability, the minimum duration of space and so on. Airbnb takes a 3% service fee on each reservation – a tiny slice of the pie for what you’re getting! What’s more, Airbnb has a handy tool that estimates the price of your place based on the location, time and type of space – check out https://www.airbnb.co.uk/host for more information.

If that wasn’t enough Airbnb has a £600,000 host guarantee that protects your home and your stuff from accidental damage, along with host protection insurance that protects you from liability in case your guests get hurt or cause property damage. In other words, Airbnb has your back.

To sum up, this is ideal for those who have a spare room or a house that they are willingly to rent to guests. This service couldn’t be any simpler for both hosts and guests and is an absolute brilliant way to earn online and meet interesting people from around the world.


Renting out your drive or car parking space on sites like parklet.com, justpark.com or similar.

Parking is an unavoidable and costly necessity for many motorists as everyone’s got to park somewhere. Renting your drive or car parking space out is a seriously cool, easy and potentially profitable gig. The fact is, parking in a private driveway or garage can be a much cheaper alternative for motorists in need of a reliable parking space.

If you have such a space you can rent out, this is something you should seriously consider. You can earn thousands a year just by renting out your driveway or car parking space, especially if you live in a major city or prime location. Why? Because this kind of service is often sought after by people who want a reliable parking space for a short stay, a music concert or an avid sports fan. People will go to extreme lengths to try and find a good spot closer to the venue, or to guarantee that they’ll arrive without difficulty.

Putting your car parking space up for rent is easy and practically hassle free. Head on over to sites such as parklet.com, justpark.com and parkingspacerentals.com to sign up for free. Don’t worry if you have a space that isn’t always available, because you can select the specific dates at which your driveway or parking space is or isn’t available. Say if you go visit family or friends for a week, you can put your parking space up for rent with no hassle, and earn cash without having to doing anything!

Similarly, this is an easy way to generate income from a property you’re no longer using, or especially if your job requires you to be away from home for several days/weeks/months at a time. If you’ve got parking space to rent – it’s a no brainer!


Renting out your house or land for filming on sites like shootfactory.co.uk, myyour.co or similar.

It may not be the first thought that comes to mind, but daily; thousands of people worldwide are making money successfully renting their location houses to filmmakers. Services like shootfactory.co.uk and myyour.co aim to bridge the gap between property owners and the TV, film and photography industry by connecting location owners with those seeking locations.

Your house doesn’t necessarily need to be big, modern or fancy looking. In fact, the demand for houses, apartments, studios and spaces with a more rugged or natural feel are just as high. Sometimes a crew will rent a house depending on their concept with a theme or character in mind – so if you have a unique space, this could potentially be a great source of income. In other words, location scouts are looking for all kinds of properties and some pay up to £2,500 a day to use your home.

Whilst being a shoot location can be fun and financially rewarding, it is important to note that it is not just a case of opening the door and allowing the money to roll in. You need to have quite a laid-back approach as you could have up to 30 people lugging around their equipment in your home. Your location should also be clean and in good condition on the day of hire. What’s more, if the crew must be at your home for any length of time, then you may well have to move out for a while, which is a real nuisance and completely impractical if you have a family.

This is not to put you off using your home as a film set, you just need to remember that there’s a reason as to why you are getting paid. Overall, it’s a great opportunity to earn some extra (or in some cases serious) money with minimal effort, whilst also being a fun, new and exciting experience.


Renting out items your own to people wanting them for a short time such as tools, instruments, tech items, furniture, appliances or even clothes on sites like rentmyitems.com or similar.

We all have items we rarely use, from clothes and electrical appliances to games and garden kits. Funnily enough, these are the kind of things that other people may only want to use occasionally.

You may have to pick your brain a bit, but there’s bound to be some items lying around the house left unused. Clothes is an obvious choice but shoes, accessories, tools, instruments and other rentable stuff are all other good alternative sources of money.

Sites like rentmyitems.com are perfect for facilitating local “borrowing” by connecting the people who need the stuff in touch with the people who have it. Registration is free, and listing fees start at £1 for one item for one month and you can choose how much to charge. The website provides a form to verify the rental and voila, you’re good to go!

This should go without saying, but just make sure that your items are in good condition and they work as expected before putting them up for rental. Unsure on what to rent, or what price to rent your item at? Why not check out the website and get a little inspiration about pricing and what you could possibly rent out. This is one of the easiest ways to make a little extra money on the side and requires very little of your time and effort.


Renting out your storage space (such as a loft or garage) to others on sites like storemates.co.uk or similar.

If you have a storage space where people can stuff their socks, then you have yourself another potential source of income. This concept has gained increasing popularity of the years, mainly because it’s so simple; you provide someone with affordable storage and get paid in return.

Of course, this isn’t for everyone. However, if you have a spare room inside your house, an empty garage, or just a house with a little extra space (perhaps the kids have moved out or you’ve had a spring clean), then why not consider renting it out for a little extra cash?

You’d be surprised by how many people are looking to rent out spaces but are looking for alternative options to the big and expensive self-storage companies out there. Many people who are moving or have too much stuff are always on the lookout for economical solutions to their storage issues.

Luckily for you, looking for a potential client is a lot easier now due to the web. Sites such as storemates.co.uk aim to unite people who have extra space with people who need it. Registration is free, and it’s up to you how much you charge, with the site suggesting a maximum of 40%-60% of the amount charged by commercial storage companies. It is that simple.

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