16 Proven Methods for Successful Digital Working & Getting Paid for Doing Work Online


The following 16 ways to make money online in this section are for those people who don’t like any risk and just want to be paid for their time like any regular job. There are a wide variety of ways to earn money online for your time and the best one for you will depend on your current skills or what skills you are prepared to learn.

Digital working can offer tremendous life freedoms such as freedom to work the hours you want, freedom to work from wherever you are or want to live, freedom to work pick and choose who you work for and freedom to work around your family and lifestyle.

Digital working can also offer some drawbacks to a conventional job such as the risk of not getting paid on-time or at all (be careful to check out your employers), the risk of losing your work at very short notice and the risk of slack periods without any work at all.

The secret to success with digital working is to be great at what you do. Choose something you are skilled in or passionate about to learn and master the work you do. This way you can command higher rates per hour (or per job) and you will always be in demand. There are some jobs online though that don’t require as much expertise and these are generally lower paid.


Freelancing services on sites like: upwork.com – fiverr.com – guru.com freelancer.com – peopleperhour.com – microworkers.com or similar.

A freelancer is an individual who offers different types of online work for an employer or a company. They are usually not committed to just one employer. They can also be called online contractual workers. Freelancers can switch from job to job or take several different jobs at the same time. They can be short-term or long-term.

Freelancing is a popular way to make money online and it’s also one of the easiest ways to get a job. There are several places online where you can start doing freelance work. Some of the most popular websites are:

  • upwork.com
  • fiverr.com
  • guru.com
  • freelancer.com
  • peopleperhour.com
  • microworkers.com

Registering on a website like freelancer.com is usually free; but some sites also offer packages or paid memberships which give the freelancer extra exposure.

Doing freelance work gives you the benefit of working in the comfort of your own home and working at times that suit you, as you usually have the freedom to work at your own pace. Getting paid is also relatively fast for this type of work too. You can get paid via online money transfer services such as PayPal or TransferWise (direct to your bank account). On the other hand, freelancing can also be a risky job. You could work for scammers unknowingly, which is why you must do ample research about your clients and be very careful about whom you do work for. Taking work via reputable sites such as those mentioned above is also a way to help protect yourself.

One of the most reputable freelancing sources online is Freelancer. Some featured job types at freelancer:

This is what the sign up page looks like. The sign up link is located in the upper right corner of the page. Fill out the information in the boxes and choose your desired type of profile. Choose ‘’work’’ to start working as a freelancer.

Once you’ve signed up, you will be sent a confirmation email. Once you’ve confirmed your email, you may start creating your freelancer profile. It’s your chance to show them what you’ve got so make it look as interesting as possible.


Working as a full-time or part-time virtual employee, usually for foreign employers, via sites like onlinejobs.ph or virtualemployee.com.

A virtual employee or Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self-employed worker who offers services over the internet. Their focus is usually on giving technical,
administrative, social or creative assistance to their distant employers. They work at home as independent contractors. Often these online workers do
multiple tasks for only one employer but you can choose to have many employers who you carry out part-time administrative tasks for.

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Working as a virtual employee brings a lot of advantages to the worker. For some they can work at their own convenience, when they want so long as they get tasks or hours done each week. While for others, they may be required to work with online supervision. Virtual assistants are sometimes needed during the employer’s work hours which could mean night working if your employer is on the other side of the world. They may be required to go online when their employer gets on as well. But it depends on what they’ve agreed upon when they got hired. Being a virtual assistant also means you must be flexible to do different types of tasks. Some employers would require someone who is skilful in everything they need help with. But there are also employers who are willing to train their virtual assistant to do some tasks that they haven’t done before.

Working within the comfort of your home is always the biggest benefit of being a virtual assistant or VA. But just like any other online job it can be risky. That’s why it’s best to make sure that you won’t fall into the hands of a bad employer. Some of the best places online for VA jobs can be found at www.onlinejobs.ph or www.virtualemployee.com.


Talking English to people online to help them learn or improve conversational English on sites like nicetalk.com, italki.com, samespeak.com or similar.

Gone are the days when people would need to run to the nearest library or enrol in language classes. Learning to speak a foreign language has now become much easier. Talking English to people online can make anyone learn the lingo in no time. It’s much more effective for learning how to do face-to-face conversations than how books or audio lessons would otherwise teach someone.

If you are fluent in English, have a clear voice and feel comfortable just chatting with people, then you have a great opportunity waiting for you. One of the most popular places online is italki.com. If you have a certificate or degree in education and are trained to teach a foreign language to non-native speakers, then you can start making money doing the job. Becoming a teacher or tutor at italki.com is very easy. All you need to do is sign up and you’re good to go.

Working at home is the greatest benefit of doing this kind of job. You may even teach from a public area as you desire just so long as nothing interferes with the conversation. You get the conveniences that you don’t get to enjoy when working in an office or school setting. However, in this type of work, you will need to adhere to your students’ desired date and time. And of course, there’s a need for you to stay on top of your students’ expectations as you will be rated by them. Their reviews help others know if you are worth hiring or not, so you would want to keep a good reputation.


Online live tutoring with chegg.com or similar.

Students all over the world aim for impressive grades in school, college or university. But there are some that need an extra push from a tutor to achieve that. Because of this demand, online tutoring is in great demand all over the world today and especially online. Online live tutoring is a method in which lessons are being conducted over the internet. Usually, it is done through different types of software such as Skype. The tutor and the student use their computers, tablets or even mobile phones with a high-speed internet connection and a good headset.

Online live tutoring is a great way to make money for those who can teach. You can be paid per hour or per session depending on what your student offers. You can take as many students as possible, if your schedule meets each of their needs.

If you are working as a freelance online tutor, you’re bound to no other time commitments other than those of your students. Usually, you can negotiate the time spent per day and have the freedom to take other jobs at the same time. However, if you work under a company, you must undergo a process of screenings and trainings, as well as follow a set of rules or guidelines.

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Paid surveys and research on sites like swagbucks.com – i-say.com – mysurvey.com – cashcrate.com or similar.

With websites, such as swagbucks.com, i-say.com, mysurvey.com and cashcrate.com you can get paid or rewarded for reading, watching and shopping

Earning money via paid surveys is a very convenient way of making some money online. All you need to do is register for a profile and start taking surveys. Registration is free, quick and easy. Some paid survey websites such as swagbucks.com give you many options to earn. They often give out vouchers or gift cards for every accomplished task at the required level. They also give you the convenience of choosing from options such as taking surveys, watching videos or shopping online through their website.

While paid surveys and research can be an easy way to make a little extra money online it can also be risky as there are a lot of scam “paid survey” websites online; so be careful. Most of these scam websites require you to pay a registration fee or to upgrade your membership, so avoid such sites. Others may not ask you for fees but pay you either hardly anything or nothing at all. So, before you do any paid surveys and research for anyone, make sure to double check their legitimacy first.


Answering questions and giving advice on sites like kgb.com, justanswer.com, webanswers.com or similar.

Whether you’re a counsellor or not, answering questions and giving advice could be perfect for you if you have good or expert knowledge on any subject. This kind of job works best for those who are verified and licensed professionals – those who are an expert in what they do. All over the world, people seek answers to questions that they can’t answer themselves or things they just can’t work out how to do. That’s why websites such as kgb.com, justanswer.com and other similar places online were created.

If you are a doctor, lawyer, mechanic or an expert at whatever you do, this money-making hub is for you. Websites that are created to answer people’s questions aren’t made for free. Once a person goes into the website and asks an expert, they’re more than willing to name their price to get an answer right away. In return you give them what they need by answering their query until they are fully satisfied. By doing so, you are saving their time and at the same time making yourself a few extra bucks.

Answering questions and giving advice can be an easy way to generate extra income online. The pay is fair and the efforts are usually low. But on the other hand, when there is dissatisfaction from your answer, you may not get paid. This can be demotivating, as you potentially have wasted your time and effort only to end up with nothing, if your answers and advice aren’t considered good or useful.


There is HUGE demand for copywriters to write copy for websites, blogs, social media, articles, eBooks, advertisements etc.

Copywriting is the term used to describe written content in print materials as well as online media. Copywriters produce write ups that are used for taglines, emails, web content, sales funnels and press releases to name a few. The copy must be 100% original and should be well written; engaging, interesting and tothe-point.

One of the most in-demand online employees are copywriters. Companies all over the world whether big or small, need the creative marketing copy to boost their exposure. Copywriters can be paid per hour or per project depending on the agreement made with their client.

The greatest thing about copywriting is that you can let your creativity flow with words. This is a fun job for those who are passionate about writing. Usually writing is done unsupervised, which can be very unhelpful for writers as without clear guidelines, they might need to re-submit the work many times before it’s approved. Most projects come with strict deadlines depending on the nature of the company or client’s marketing goals.


Blog websites are extremely common and popular but often the owners of the blogs don’t write all the blogs themselves (or sometimes don’t write any of them) so opportunities exist for being paid to write blog posts for others.

Blogging is a great way to promote yourself, build an affiliate marketing business or promote your company’s services/products in the digital world. Blogs are a great source of information to their readers and an engaging blog can gain you a loyal following.

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Not every blog contains write-ups by those who own them. They are often written by someone who writes blogs for a living, commonly known as a “blogger”. Many freelancers are paid to do blogging for other people’s websites. When it’s an ongoing project, they can be paid per hour, but usually they’re paid a set amount per blog post written (typically around 500-750 words). Some set their price low when there is a bulk number of write-ups, whilst others keep their rates high especially if they are professional writers in technical industries. Expertise in a particular area allows you to increase your rates.

Blog write-ups may look simple when you read them but the truth is that good blogs are well-researched and well-polished articles. If writing original content is something you’re able to do, blogging could be great for you. Some bloggers are happy with just writing for other people, as they get fair money for their work. However, other bloggers prefer to produce work for their own brand or blog website. Often a blogger doesn’t get credited unless they are recognized as the company’s or client’s official writer or staff.


Ghost writing for other people is when you are commissioned to write a book, eBook, white paper or article about a topic for someone who is usually already quite well known but doesn’t have the time or skills themselves to write what they need.

Ghost-writing is a term used for books, articles, stories and other texts that are written by another author without giving them an official credit. This other “author” is called a ghost-writer. In the corporate world, popular people such as celebrities, political leaders and executives hire ghost-writers to write or proofread and edit written materials that aim to promote them. The same applies for most corporate companies who hire freelancers, as they don’t usually credit them.

Making money from ghost-writing is just as easy as doing blogs. However, ghostwriting requires more effort, attention to detail and it’s a much longer process. How ghost-writers are paid depends on the kind of writing they are assigned to do. Signing of contracts are required in most ghost-writing projects to ensure privacy and protection to the company’s rights. Depending on the agreement of the company towards their ghost-writers, they can be paid in full before the start of the project, gradually or on completion. However, ghost-writers are more than likely hesitant to sign up to a contract where payments are only done when the project is finished.

Ghost-writing is a great way to enhance your writing skills without the pressure of suffering the criticisms of your writing. However, it also takes away your exposure and right to own the content you’ve produced.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of helping a website achieve higher organic search results in search engines like Google.

In digital marketing, SEO is a strategy to get more visitors to a business website, in hope that they can be turned into customers. SEO helps improve a website’s organic rankings in search engines via keywords and phrases that people use in doing a search.

SEO is not for anyone. You must have an excellent understanding of the many elements that make up SEO and that will best optimise a website for search engines and the end user. Companies or online clients are constantly in need of someone to do SEO services for them, and they usually pay more than they would for writers. This type of online work is usually paid gradually depending on the setup agreed upon. Rates may vary and can be hourly-based or per website.

The good thing about making money through SEO services is that there is plenty of demand for this type of job. You also don’t have to work for just one company because it’s not an everyday task. However, it is a continuous job – very technical and must be done well; otherwise you will spend a lot of time editing your work when things go wrong. Normally, clients could quickly drop you if your work doesn’t get positive results for their website.


Voice over is one of the production techniques in filmmaking, TV production and other kinds of presentation including online promotional videos and animations.

Voice overs usually aim to provide more emphasis to what is shown in a video. A person who does the voice over is called a ‘voice talent’ or ‘voice over artist’.

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Before voice over jobs became open to everyone, only those who worked in film and television, such as actors, were given the opportunity to do this type of job. But now as the era of new technology rises, voice over talents all over the world can do the job, even from their bedroom. There are several websites that allow voice talents to audition from anywhere in the world. Voice over artists are paid per project or per minute of voice over and can take as many voice over jobs as they want.

Like with every job, there are pros and cons with voice over work. The huge advantage is that you don’t have to go somewhere else to do the auditions. You can do this at home, in the office or anywhere where you have access to the right tools for quality sound recording. The downside is that your voice might not be the most appropriate for every client’s video even if you have a good voice, proper intonation and your audio is of good quality. Your voice needs to match up with the feel or creativity that the client is trying to achieve. It’s important to have high-quality audio recording equipment to create effective work.


As the internet makes it easier for businesses to sell to a global audience they are increasingly looking to provide their website content in different languages.

Translation is the process in which a language or text is communicated in another language through its meaning. It enables two or more people to understand each other despite their language barrier. The process of translation may come in different ways such as word-for-word, phrase-by-phrase etc. So, if you are fluent in more than one language, then providing translation services could offer good online working opportunities for you.

Communication has become much easier since the rise of online translation services. Modern technology makes it convenient to find someone who can do it for you. Companies, website owners or even university students are looking for someone to translate their text, website content, audio or conversations into another language. Some of these clients go on freelance websites to look for the right translator. You can get paid as fast as you do your work, to their desired standard.

Providing translation services allows you to enjoy a couple benefits. You can work whenever you wish. You can get paid as soon as you do your work or after the completion of the task, depending on the agreement. There will be cases in which you must stick with the deadline given to you.


Website User Interface (UI) testing with usertesting.com, trymyui.com or similar.

As you should know, a website is a place on the internet that contains one or more pages of information about a person, a company, product or a service etc. The user interface is the design that focuses on giving users a great experience whilst they visit the website. Websites with good user interface enable visitors to enjoy browsing the pages and information it contains and can lead to calls to action and conversions (such as sales on an ecommerce website). Good user interface design doesn’t draw attention to unnecessary detail.

Not only does user interface testing apply to websites, it is also used for software development and mobile applications (Apps). Before launching a major website, app or product, the designers and developers would often like to see first-hand what potential users think so they can iron out any problems before it’s launched and make overall improvements. Therefore, they allow it to go through website user interface testing websites such as usertesting.com, trymyui.com and other similar places online. They need people like you, who are potential users to try out the website or app and give them honest and helpful reviews. Each review or feedback makes you money as they improve their products which will later make them more money as well.

Website user interface testing is a great way to make money online. It’s convenient, it’s easy to do and allows you to contribute to producing better
products which you may also benefit from later. The only thing that you need to make sure is to give them your best and honest review as well as make yourself available for the testing.

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Completing small tasks with clickworker.com, microworkers.com, Amazon’s mturk.com or similar.

Jobs are jobs no matter how big or small. And for every job, there normally is an employer and an employee. Completing small tasks has become one of the trends in the online world today. These jobs can be called micro jobs because of how short and simple they are. They can be repetitive tasks or one big task chopped up into smaller parts.

Completing small tasks are easy. They include things like creation of texts, proofreading, and web research. Websites such as clickworker.com, microworkers.com, Amazon’s mturk.com give you this kind of opportunity. Small tasks don’t pay as much as other freelance or online jobs do, because they are micro jobs. Some of these kinds of tasks pay a few cents per task but they are also very easy and quick to do.

It also allows you to do several jobs at the same time and as many as you can. If you are fast enough, you can do enough jobs to total up to a decent amount of pay. There is no limit as to how many jobs you can take and most of them are at your convenience.


Watching online ads with perk.com or similar.

An ad or advertisement is a public announcement that promotes a product, event or service. Online ads are advertisements we see on webpages and videos on the internet. Just like every ad, their purpose is for promotion. The biggest turn off for people who surf on the internet is coming across an ad. When you’re watching a video, you would probably come across an ad and want to click “x” or “close” right away. This is common in YouTube videos where they can appear half way through watching a video.

To help ad owners generate income with their ads, websites such as perk.com were created as a way for their ads to be viewed. In return, anyone who views those ads through their website gets points which later they can exchange for cash, gift cards and prizes. Watching online ads on perk.com allows you to get rewards every time you view an ad. So, it’s like making money while entertaining yourself. It’s quick, fun and easy.

While the convenience of watching online ads is incomparable to any other money-making sources online, the rewards and points you get are not that much so you will need to watch a lot of ads to earn any decent money rewards.


Reviewing music for money on sites like slicethepie.com or similar.

Artists, creators and marketers have always loved getting feedback. It is a way to help them improve in their craft and to see if it’s what people are looking for or not. This is the reason why feedback, or more commonly known as “reviews”, is important for everyone who wants to put their music out into the online world.

One of the best places to make money online through reviewing music is at slicethepie.com. At SliceThePie.com, you give your detailed opinion on any music you hear on their website. You can give as many reviews as you want. Before the music is released, you get the luxury of being able to hear them and give your feedback. In return, you get paid.

Getting paid through doing reviews is a very easy task. However, it comes with the responsibility to create a quality review for every piece of music you encounter. Your earnings depend on the kind of reviews you give to every creator. At SliceThePie.com, the higher your star rating and the quality of your reviews, the more you will get paid. If you work hard enough and take this online money-making source seriously, your earnings will continue to grow.

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