Report Cyber Fraud / Online Crime To Digital Police in India

Too many Cyber Fraud taking place in India and the victims are so helpless that they do not find a resting place and a empathetic shoulder who can guide them to a place where they can register a case against the fraud company. They already under go serious trauma of losing money, mental tension, too much fear of blackmailing etc. In this situation this guide will help those victims to register a case with Digital Police and take them in right direction to gain compensation.

If you are not aware of what type of frauds taking place please see this. One student is so harassed that he wants to commit suicide and this has to be stopped.

If you are a victim of online fraud or cyber fraud, then follow the below steps to register a case online with Digital Police.

How to register a case against the fraud company online?

1. Open the Digital Police site:

2. Click on LogIn Button.

3. On the next page click on “New User Registration” and fill details to register your account.

4. Upon registering you will receive an OTP in your mobile, enter the OTP and verify your account.

5. After you login to your account, chose from the option you see in the image below.

Accordingly follow the options on the type of complaint you want to raise. The details required to register case in both type are different.

6. After you successfully register a case you will get a case number like shown in the image below.

7. You can track the case progress after logging in to your account few days later.

For detailed video guide please see this, how to register a cyber crime case online.

Important Points To Remember

1. Provide maximum information you can with proofs.

2. You can attach proofs in the form of PDF. So, make a single pdf file by inserting all the proofs in it so that you can upload it.

3. Note all the names, address, phone number etc. before you register complaint.

More Info about Digital Police


  • This portal is a platform for Citizens to file crime related complaints online and seek antecedent verification of prospective employees (including for domestic help, drivers etc.), tenants or for any other purpose. Citizens can also seek certification of their own antecedents.
  • The portal would also provide access to authorized persons to use National Database of crime records for the purpose of investigation, policy making, data analytics, research and providing citizen services.
  • The portal consolidates data of current and past Crime occurrences across the country. This data has information pertaining to persons accused or convicted in criminal cases along with associated information such as property stolen/recovered, missing persons, recovered/unidentified dead bodies and so on. This information would help expedite Police investigations to solve crime as well as to provide antecedent verification services to citizens.
  • The portal also generates various thematic reports of trends of incidence of crime across the country to facilitate policy analysis and interventions. To illustrate, reports such as those pertaining to crime against women & children, societal trends of crimes, patterns of crime involving groups belonging to a particular age or educational qualification and so on, crimes which are more prevalent in certain areas, can be generated from data in this portal.
  • To protect privacy of individuals concerned and for National security reasons the Crime and Criminal data and reports can be searched by authorized Police officers only. Citizens who seek criminal antecedent verification services will be provided responses through email.
  • The DIGITAL POLICE portal is a SMART Policing initiative of Ministry of Home Affairs as enunciated by Hon’ble Prime Minister, to provide services to citizens and aid efficient Police investigations.

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