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WhatsApp spam is a serious headache and people are so addicted to WhatsApp that they can’t quit WhatsApp. It’s like if you do not have WhatsApp, you lack a social status. Having more than billions of WhatsApp users worldwide, many have taken the advantage of the loop holes started exploiting the users with cheat methods. The easiest of them is by sending bulk messages that offer some discount or free products which is actually not as it appear. And because of this, WhatsApp users always get caught in fraud in some way or other.

Some of the common issues that keep troubling are as follows:

  • steal financial informations
  • spread fake news
  • spread rumors
  • make you visit unwanted sites
  • make viral videos of neighbors

and so on…

This has become so huge that the government has to intervene in this issue and some rules have been imposed on the application that can provide safety to its users. Apart from all these, you as a user can take some precautions at your end to stop spammers from all these activities and at the same time block their mobile numbers from accessing WhatsApp.

How to block spammers from accessing WhatsApp?

1. Generally spam takes place in groups and from some unknown individual contacts or business marketers. So, the first step you should do is mute or block them from your WhatsApp.

In both the images above the first one is for groups and the second one is for individual contacts. You can always block any of them.

2. Whenever you see any message the looks like spam, report the message. Sometimes, it may happen that a message is forwarded and that is too a spam message and you may think that if you report, it will not catch the real spammer, rather the sender (forwarded by) will be penalized for this. But let me tell you, if you report, the report goes against the real spammer who first posted the message.

If you adopt these 2 methods mentioned above, you can easily save your time, money from being stolen and help others at the same time.

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Author: Aliva Tripathy

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