What’s Your Motivation for eCommerce Business

Are you just chasing the money, or are you passionate about the products you sell? Understanding your motivation can actually increase your success.

You may wonder why this matters. You may think it’s not important. But it does matter and it is important. Understanding your motivation can actually increase your success.

Your passion for the products you sell, or lack of it, can come across to buyers & your team

If you are passionate about the products you sell then you will be able to write more engaging sales copy, more engaging blogs, more informative product descriptions and you will be more helpful on customer service inquiries. Even if you don’t do any of this yourself but instead outsource or delegate that work to others, your passion, and knowledge for the products you sell will come across to your wider team and help them write better copy and be more passionate when helping customers with their queries.

Passion = Higher Quality Information & Advice = More Sales

If your main motivating factor is the money, and not particularly the products you sell or the niche you are in, then distance selling on sites like Amazon where you generally don’t have to do any marketing, blogging, or live chat, may be a better option for you than having your own e-commerce website.

An Introduction to eCommerce

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