Tips for Effectively Managing an E-Commerce Business

Running any business isn’t easy, and at times it can feel overwhelming. And running an e-commerce business is no different.

Don’t try to do everything yourself. Leverage the skills of others, focus on your strengths, and most definitely focus on ensuring your e-commerce website and marketing activities are converting visitors into buyers as best they can. Even if you outsource this work, it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take ownership of this most important area.

You will also need to ensure your customers feel delighted with their whole experience dealing with YOUR company.

Once you have these vital areas working like clockwork, you can better focus your time on managing the many other aspects of your business.

Invest properly in your e-commerce website

Don’t UNDERVALUE the expertise of good web designers, developers and internet marketers who are usually crucial to e-commerce success!

You usually get what you pay for. So if you’re trying to get things done cheaply then don’t expect good results, unless you’re prepared to put in the time to MASTER the skills needed to analyze and continually improve your site.

After running a digital agency for 20 years I have come across this mistake from clients many times. Client’s who think they can get an e-commerce site built cheaply that would be successful for them. They totally misunderstand the importance of making EVERY part of their e-commerce site, and EVERY step in the sales process, the best it can be, through analysis and continued optimization.

It can take many tens or sometimes hundreds of hours of work, to fully test and optimize EVERY process of an e-commerce website AFTER it’s live and getting visitors (you can’t do it properly without traffic and sales). That time comes at a cost and if you, as the business owner, aren’t prepared to pay for that time, then you only have YOURSELF to blame if the business doesn’t make the sales or profits you hoped for.

Ukandoo Academy can help you to learn the skills needed to do much of the analytics and optimization work yourself, but you have to weigh up the value of your time, to paying a professional to do this work for you.

BE WARNED….. MOST WEBSITE DESIGNERS AND DEVELOPERS KNOW VERY LITTLE ABOUT THIS despite what they may say. It’s a specialist skill set and the people that really know what they’re doing, usually charge $50-150 per hour for their time, so it can cost thousands of dollars to do full sales optimization work on an e-commerce website after launch effectively.

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