How to Minimize After Sales Returns from Customers

Reasons for product returns

Getting product returns from your hard earned sales can be painful, so you need to do everything possible to limit returns from customers.The main reasons for product returns are:

The main reasons for product returns are:

  • The product didn’t match its description
  • The product photos or description were of poor quality so the customer didn’t fully realize what they were buying
  • The product was damaged or faulty before it was sent to the customer
  • The product was damaged in transit to the customer due to bad packaging
  • The product was damaged in transit to the customer due to rough handling by the courier
  • The customer purchased the wrong item by mistake
  • The product is no longer needed by the customer
  • The color or size of the product didn’t match expectations
  • The customer engages in ‘wardrobing’ practices where they buy with the intention to return after they have worn or tried the item
  • The wrong item was delivered to the customer

Returns Policy

You can help protect yourself against many types of return by simply having a well-written returns policy. Although you should accept returns, you CAN minimize them.

Some tips on returns policies include:

  • Match the type of product with the nature of the return offered. For instance, if a product can’t be resold easily due to the customer damaging it’s tags or packaging, then you could consider no return at all if they do prevent resale
  • Use plain English. Don’t try to overcomplicate your Returns Policy with legal jargon
  • Don’t have any hidden return costs. For instance, if you want the customer to pay for return shipping then make that very clear in your policy
  • Set time-frame limitations. Remember their needs to be enough time for the customer to receive the product and then decide if they want to keep it or not. A 30-day returns policy is common but you could make yours longer or shorter if you want
  • State what type of refund you offer. For instance, you could offer a full refund, or credits to allow them to buy again in the future, or even an exchange of goods to the same value

Help the customer before they return with good customer support by telephone or email. Sometimes customers considering returning an item will change their mind after a helpful support conversation and if the product needs assembly or requires batteries, then they may have overlooked something!

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