What & When to Outsource in eCommerce

Know your strengths and your weaknesses, and learn to rely on others to do jobs better than you could possibly do. But also know when outsourcing simpler tasks to others to free up your valuable time, makes more sense, and allows you to focus on more important things. Leveraging the time of others through careful outsourcing could be the best business decision you ever make!

Reality Check

Know your strengths and also know your weaknesses!Seriously if you don’t do this you will not get the success you dream of. And don’t try to fool yourself either. If only I had a pound (or dollar) for every client I have

Seriously if you don’t do this you will not get the success you dream of. And don’t try to fool yourself either. If only I had a dollar for every client I have ever worked with who thought they could design their logo, website, marketing materials etc., without having ANY SKILL for design.

Now, when I get a client who says they will do something themselves when it’s quite obvious to me that they will not be able to do it well, I just tell them straight, or offer then an analogy, my favorite being:

“If you wanted a new house built, would you build it yourself or would you hire a reputable builder?”

Of course, they always say they would hire a builder as they don’t know how to build a house. So then I can come straight back with:

“But you don’t know how to design a website either” or whatever it is they were planning to do themselves.

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DON’T BE A FOOL, BE A REALIST – make a list of things you think you can do well and those you can’t. Then show the lists to people who KNOW YOU WELL and ask them if they agree.

You may be shocked to hear what they think, but they are probably right!

You only have to watch TV shows like ‘The X Factor’ to realize how many people think they can sing like a star but are actually completely tone deaf and sound awful. They don’t know their strengths to such an extent they are completely blind to the reality of their weaknesses. Don’t let that be you.

Tasks that you can Outsource

So when you have realized your strengths and weaknesses, you can also think about other tasks that you were considering and perhaps could do, but which would NOT BE A GOOD USE OF YOUR PRECIOUS TIME or which you WOULD NOT ENJOY.

Tasks such as:

  • bookkeeping
  • website design and maintenance
  • social media postings
  • marketing materials
  • email newsletters
  • customer support
  • data entry & general admin tasks
  • technical support
  • picking & packing orders
  • ordering stock from suppliers
  • paying suppliers & employees

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