What are eCommerce Sales Funnels and How do they Work

E-Commerce Sales Funnels

What are sales funnels and how do they work?

Sales funnels, also known as revenue funnels, are the steps a visitors takes on their journey to become a customer. This sales process can have many steps and can take many forms depending on the type of product or service you are selling and content, processes and systems used to optimise sales conversions in your sales funnel.

An e-commerce website usually has a simplistic sales funnel where visitors are provided with products which they can then add to their cart and purchase but even this process can be dramatically improved by adding upsells, promotional offers, and social sharing or email list sign-up incentives.

We will be looking at 3 types of e-commerce sales funnel in this lesson:


This type of sales funnel is very popular with people who are selling courses and informational product, and also popular with affiliate marketers who are building email lists.


Spend time improving sales conversions BEFORE generating more traffic!

If your website traffic is free from SEO efforts (page 1 Google listings), social media etc. then GREAT PROFIT.

If you’re paying for traffic via Google or Facebook Ads then you will probably need around 1,000 visitors initially to optimize your website, emails and funnels so be sure to allow funds to cover this initial optimisation and split testing phase as that initial spend may not deliver much or any return. 1,000 visitors @ $0.50 per click, for instance, would cost you $500.


Create brand awareness through interesting content, give visitors all the info they need to make an informed buying decision, make the buying and checkout process quick and easy with upsell options, create loyalty through close customer relationships and loyal customer incentives and help your customers become advocates for your brand through social media.

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The majority of e-commerce websites focus on more traffic rather than improving sales conversions or repeat custom from email follow up!


Every detail matters when it come to improving sales conversions. Improve and split test your processes regularly. Potential customers will drop out at every stage if your website, products, content, and processes aren’t the best they can be!

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