How to Reduce Cart Abandonment During Checkout

Ensure that your customers are not jumping through hoops when trying to buy your products.

People should be able to make a purchase from your website easily and quickly. In fact the easier and faster the process through checkout, the less likely they are to abandon their order.

Common reasons for customers to abandon their order during the checkout process include:

  • HIGH SHIPPING PRICES: They didn’t realize the shipping prices were so high until they reached the checkout.
  • CONFUSING or TEDIOUS CHECKOUT: Don’t make the checkout overly complicated or long-winded.
  • SLOW WEBSITE: A slow website is bad enough, but a slow checkout is an order killer.
  • GLITCHES: Just because your checkout may have worked when first built, doesn’t mean it will always stay that way. Updates and plugins are just a couple of factors that could cause glitches. Check regularly!
  • SECURITY FEARS: If your checkout appears unstable or unreliable then customers may feel it’s not secure.
  • PRODUCT UNCERTAINTY: Sometimes customers have doubts or second thoughts at checkout, unsure if the product is really what they’re after. Having LIVE CHAT available during checkout can help greatly.
  • POOR MOBILE EXPERIENCE: Common mistake, DON’T forget mobile users!
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Author: Aliva Tripathy

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