How to do Proper Photography of Products for eCommerce Store


Product photos should be professionally taken and lit, with realistic color and should not contain any additional gratuitous objects. They should also have pure white backgrounds.

If you sell on Amazon then they will enforce this as well as other product photo standards.

Size & Naming

Product photos should be big enough to allow for zoom features to work on e-commerce software. Usually, the thumbnails are automatically created from the main large product photo.

The size of the main product photo should be now less than 1000 pixels wide and no more than 2000 pixels wide. We recommend going for around 1200 pixels wide which are adequate to allow for zoom view, whilst not being too big that it would impact page load. The height would be variable depending on the aspect ratio of the photo.

Remember, the larger the photo size dimensions, then the larger the file size will be and the larger your page size will be which impacts on page load times!

Photos should also be 72dpi (dots per inch) resolution and should ideally be JPG or PNG images.

You should always try to reduce the file size of your photos whilst retaining quality. We recommend using a tool like OR even better than that is ShortPixel which will compress your photos file size very effectively.

Naming Images

The way you name your photos is VERY IMPORTANT. They should be descriptive of the product and hyphens should be used to separate words.

For example, if you have a product photo of a blue dress with white polka dots, then you could name it: ‘blue-dress-white-polka-dots.jpg’.

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Or if you have several photos of the dress from front and back etc., then you could name them ‘blue-dress-white-polka-dots-front.jpg’ and ‘blue-dress-white-polka-dots-back.jpg’.

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