How to Boost Sales With Product Videos in eCommerce

Spending the time to create great product videos can help:

  • boost sales conversions
  • increase social sharing
  • improve SEO
  • increase visitor numbers to your website
  • increase ‘time on site’ by visitors (a Google ranking factor)
  • decrease returns

Google LOVES video!

In search results, Google displays a mix of search results which include video, image, news, maps, and other mediums in addition to regular search results. Having product videos gives you an extra chance of ranking, especially if none of your competition is using video in their e-commerce stores and for their products.In addition, research also shows that Google

In addition, research also shows that Google favors and prioritizes sites with video which again means having product videos (hosted on YouTube – a Google-owned company) will grant you a greater chance of ranking in search engines.

But other than the Google benefits of having product videos, they are also proven to improve sales and decrease returns.

People LOVE SHARING videos!

Studies show that people are more likely to share videos than text pages. Additionally, people are also more inclined to click on a video thumbnail than on something with no visual or multimedia element.

Video improves TIME ON SITE!

The amount of time users spend watching video on the internet keeps going up. Watching a video takes little effort compared with reading long product descriptions and posts. Video allows you to engage an audience that may dismiss the information you would otherwise convey through text descriptions.

Video can be more ENGAGING and INFORMATIVE!

Video has the ability to convey an incredible amount of information very quickly. Displaying your product in a video will give your customers so much more information about it. It is also possible to strike an emotional chord and subconsciously tell customers how they should feel about an item. You can also demo a product such as how a backpack looks on someone’s back, or how to use a product correctly.

Author: Aliva Tripathy

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