How the User (Buyer) Persona Helps in Boosting Sales

Buyer Profiling


Having a full understanding of your potential customers’ requirements or frustrations lets you think as they do, and better present product information and solutions to match their needs.

That’s why crafting a user persona is so important. Besides your best assumptions, your personas need to be based on solid research and data as soon as you start to acquire it from effective analytics and buyer profiling.

Once you start to dig into your customer base, it will become clear that it’s nearly impossible to create just one persona. You will notice some shared buyer attributes and you will then be able to start to separate your customers into a few distinct groups.

Segmenting your audience into multiple personas will allow you to achieve precision and efficiency in your marketing, business, and e-commerce website design decisions.

Build multiple customer persona groups

Data to help you build up website visitor and buyer profiles can be collated from numerous sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and other 3rd party tools.

You can also conduct surveys with your customers to find out even more information – you can offer incentives such as discount coupons or a free gift for any customer that completes a short online survey.

Personas can be created with the help of online tools like Xtensio (

As they say on their website:

“Every decision you make, from product features to the tone of your taglines, needs to answer to your customers. This User (or Buyer) Persona Creator helps you come up with your ideal user types.”

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