How eCommerce Site Blogging Can Boost Sales

Having a blog on your website can help:

  • improve SEO and your websites Domain Authority (DA)
  • increase visitor numbers to your website
  • increase ‘time on site’ by visitors (a Google ranking factor)

Google LOVES blogs that are UPDATED FREQUENTLY and that ENGAGE the readers in conversation!

But be warned, a blog that isn’t updated frequently (such as weekly), and that doesn’t engage it’s reader (such as no-one commenting) can actually have a negative effect.

Also a blog should ideally run on the SAME DOMAIN NAME as your e-commerce store, such as, rather than on a separate domain name. Having the blog on the same domain name will help to BOOST the DOMAIN AUTHORITY of your website.

SUB-DOMAINS such as are classed as separate domain names!

If you do have your blog on a separate domain name then be sure to provide a feed from the blog to your e-commerce site homepage, and link product related posts to relevant product pages on your site.

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Author: Aliva Tripathy

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