After Sales Process Followed in eCommerce Business

Quickly and efficiently dealing with orders and keeping customers updated on the progress of their orders, is an essential part of any e-commerce business.

Communication with your customers

Don’t leave your customers GUESSING what’s happening with their order!

Good communication with your customers is VITAL for e-commerce success.

Not only does it lead to happier customers and less customer service calls and complaints, it also has far more benefits. And order confirmation emails have the HIGHEST OPEN & READ RATE of any type of email sent out, typically over 70%!

The benefits of good follow-up emails with your customers are:

  • Happier customers
  • Less customer service calls & emails
  • Less complaints
  • More reviews
  • More positive reviews
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • More sales
  • Increased recommendations from customers to their friends & family
  • Possibility to gain upsell orders from the confirmation emails


So what should you include in your order follow-up emails?

This first email your customer should receive is their ORDER CONFIRMATION email, which MUST contain:

  • A thank you to the customer for their valued order
  • Confirmation of their ordered items and payment total
  • Notification of when their order is likely to be despatched

But could also contain any of the following:

  • A polite request for a review of their ordering experience
  • A request for a social share of their purchase or even incentivize them to do so with money back or points for each share
  • A request for them to create an unboxing or review video on YouTube (User Generated Content) and the best ones will be shared on your brands’ social media channels and even website (people love to be stars!)
  • A request for them to create other types of User Generated Content (UGC) such as sharing an image on social media using your #hashtag
  • An offer of a generous discount off their next order (repeat customers usually spend much more!)
  • Some upsells at the bottom of the order confirmation email

Some examples of order confirmation & delivery emails that go the extra mile:

Pick & Pack Orders

  • Process orders promptly
  • Use barcode scanners for inventory management
  • Pack carefully in appropriately sized packaging
  • Arrange prompt collection with courier


Choose a reliable courier who offers insurance and tracking codes.

You may have different couriers for different types of shipping such as standard shipping or express shipping. And you may have a different courier for international shipping (if you offer that).

Ask potential couriers about how the price per shipment can be reduced as you grow the number of daily or weekly orders sent via them. But don’t make a choice on price alone. Look at reviews online; not only businesses who have used the courier, but also customers who have had problems or a great experience receiving their parcels from the courier. One thing to check is, what happens to the delivery if the customer is not in? Does the courier try again or do they hold the parcel at a depot for the customer to then collect?

To help your customers, allow them to specify a separate delivery address to that of their cardholder details. Customers often prefer to have orders delivered to their work or to a friend or family member.

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