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How to Balance Juggle Family Life & Running eCommerce Business

Starting, building and running an e-commerce business can be hard work and the time and financial commitments needed can have an impact on family life especially.I thought it worth mentioning briefly here as there are definitely things that can help improve. TIP 1: OUTSOURCE or DELEGATE – realize you can’t do everything. Trust in others to do certain tasks for you, such as bookkeeping, website design, and maintenance, social media postings, marketing, email newsletters, customer support, data entry, technical support, picking & packing (if your business manages stock). There are many other tasks involved in running an e-commerce business, so be…

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What’s Your Motivation for eCommerce Business

Are you just chasing the money, or are you passionate about the products you sell? Understanding your motivation can actually increase your success. You may wonder why this matters. You may think it’s not important. But it does matter and it is important. Understanding your motivation can actually increase your success. Your passion for the products you sell, or lack of it, can come across to buyers & your team If you are passionate about the products you sell then you will be able to write more engaging sales copy, more engaging blogs, more informative product descriptions and you will…

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Grow Business with Shopify Useful Apps

Useful Shopify Apps The Shopify App Store is a collection of e-commerce plugins that extend the functionality of your online store. E-COMMERCE SUCCESS Using the right Shopify Apps can boost your eCommerce sales, conversions, customer satisfaction & loyalty, and overall success. Upsell Offers Customer Order Tracking Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Popups & Exit Intent Triggers Web Browser Push Notifications Currency Converter Based on Buyer Location Referral & Rewards Programs Product Scarcity Countdown Timer On-site Recent Sales Notifications AliExpress Product Imports & Automated Ordering (for Dropshipping) AliExpress Star Reviews (for Dropshipping) Free Shipping Bar Add an Instagram Shop Upsell Offers Increase your Average…

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How to Build an Online eCommerce Store with Shopify

Building an Online Store in Shopify Choose a Theme For Your Store Shopify has its own official theme store. These themes are all guaranteed to have full support from the designers so you know your store is in good hands. All themes come with a comprehensive list of modifications you can make without having to touch a line of code. The premium themes come with more modifications, but there’s not to say you can’t achieve a great looking site with a free one. Click “Online Store” on the menu item, it will open a secondary menu, from that click “Themes”….

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What are the Shopify Plans & Pricing Available

What are the plans, and what’s the best option for you? Whether you sell online, on social media, or in-store, Shopify has you covered. No design skills needed. Shopify Lite – $9 /mo Sell on social media, in person, or on an existing website With this lite plan, you DO NOT get a Shopify e-commerce website but you can: Showcase your products to billions of people on Facebook. Customers can easily buy your products from your Facebook Page using the new, always visible, Shop section. Turn any website into a money-making business in seconds with Buy Buttons. Whether you’re on…

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Shopify: The Quickest & Easiest eCommerce Platform

The Quickest & Easiest eCommerce Platform Shopify is probably the easiest to use and quickest to set-up of all the e-commerce website options. Although it’s not free, costing from $29 per month, it’s possible to get a basic store set-up with online payments within a few hours, although it usually takes a few days at least to build something more substantial from a pre-designed base theme. Shopify also has an optional retail package to allow you to sell in store if you have a physical shop. It has approximately an 11% market share of all e-commerce websites. What is Shopify? If…

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Product Sourcing for eCommerce Stores

To sell online you first need products to sell Depending on your intended sales process, finding products means either buying products from manufacturers or wholesalers or finding a drop-shipper who will fulfill orders for you. List of websites to find manufacturers, wholesalers, and dropshippers: ALIBABA Source products directly from manufacturers in China. ALIEXPRESS Retailers and wholesalers who do dropshipping in China. DOBA Catalog of over 2 million products fulfilled by dropshippers. WHOLESALE DEALS Wholesale and dropship suppliers in the UK. WORLDWIDE BRANDS Global wholesalers and dropshippers directory (largest online). WHOLESALE CENTRAL Wholesale and dropship suppliers in…

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Various Options to Sell Products Online

In this lesson, we look at selling online options including stock managed e-commerce, dropshipping, Amazon FBA, private label, affiliate marketing, retail arbitrage and much more. So let’s imagine you are wanting to sell hamster cages – what are the options? OPTION 1: STOCK MANAGED E-COMMERCE – Source & buy stock You hold stock, pick & pack orders, manage deliveries and returns. OPTION 2: DROPSHIPPING – Find a wholesaler to fulfill orders for you You don’t need to hold any stock or pick & pack orders or manage deliveries and returns. Instead, you market the products, take orders, pay the supplier…

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An Introduction to eCommerce

So how do you spell it? (Short answer – it doesn’t really matter!) There is some debate about how you actually should write e-commerce. There really isn’t a right or wrong way although using a hyphen is generally regarded as the more accurate spelling for e-commerce. However, when writing ’email’ a hyphen is not usually used which just adds to the confusion. The ‘e’ stands for ‘electronic’ as e-commerce is electronic commerce; selling online. The ‘e’ is also used in many other words such as email (electronic mail), e-tailing (electronic retailing which is another word for e-commerce), e-Business (electronic business), eBook…

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How to Reduce Cart Abandonment During Checkout

Ensure that your customers are not jumping through hoops when trying to buy your products. People should be able to make a purchase from your website easily and quickly. In fact the easier and faster the process through checkout, the less likely they are to abandon their order. Common reasons for customers to abandon their order during the checkout process include: HIGH SHIPPING PRICES: They didn’t realize the shipping prices were so high until they reached the checkout. CONFUSING or TEDIOUS CHECKOUT: Don’t make the checkout overly complicated or long-winded. SLOW WEBSITE: A slow website is bad enough, but a…