How to Add More Than One Title to A Single Post in WordPress

No one answered this question before i.e. How to Add More Than One Title to A Single Post in WordPress? Adding More Than One Title to WordPress Single Post is almost beyond imagination as this feature is not available in any post editor, except adding multiple meta data for the same. Having More Than One Title in WordPress Post  is always a better performer for search engine ranking.

Performing SEO work is super easy when it comes to WordPress. Because there are thousands of so beautiful Plugins available to do this. Most of them are FREE. Today, we are going to discuss about such a FREE plugin that will allow you to add more than one title in your post. When you add more than one title, the search engine robots find this interesting and it saves every title as unique and shows the result as per that. Remember, the URL of the post remains same for all titles. An example is shown below:

How to Add More Than One Title to A Single Post in WordPress

In the image above you can see there are 10 titles added. Each title is unique. Every time the post is viewed, it will show a random title to the post where as the URL of the post remains same.

The benefit of this is, when there are multiple titles, the robots find multiple titles means keywords for a single post which are in <H1> and robots give priority to <H1> texts for indexing as per the SEO algorithm. As all the titles are unique, the same post is ranked for multiple searches. This way it helps in ranking of post very fast in search engine and visitors also get find new title for same article every time they visit as shown in the below example images.

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There are more details about the use of multiple title. Every time the post is viewed in same browser will show the same title. If you change the browser, then it will take to random title. This is because of the cookie policy. Also, an analytics is shown for every title. Means, how many times each title is viewed. See image below for better understanding.

Apart from that, after you publish the article, you will see a new box below the Permalink showing the details of word count in post, keyword presence in your paragraphs and how many keywords exist so that accordingly you can work on those points for better SEO result.

How to add multiple title?

To do so, you just need to install “Content Writer” plugin and activate it. That’s all you need to do. No setting or nothing is required to do. One you install the plugin and activate it, you will see an option to “+ Add New Title” under the “Title Box“. You can add as many titles you want, there is no restriction. Make sure to make every title unique.

Though this plugin provides many other features, this unique feature is not explored by anyone before. You may notice that when you go to plugin settings page you will see this notification “Please wait up to 48 hours for your plugin installation to be verified.” But you should not be worried about this at all.

Please wait up to 48 hours for your plugin installation to be verified

After you have added multiple title, write your post, you can publish the post and you are done. Rest of the things are taken care by the search engine robots.

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