Technical Specification of Tata Sumo 483 DL NA

The followings are the leading particulars of Tata Sumo 483 DL NA engine listed bellow.

Leading Particulars of Tata Sumo 483 DL NA

Model TATA 483 DL NA
Type Water-cooled indirect Injection, diesel engine
No. of cylinders 4 in line
Bore/ Stroke 83/ 90 mm
Capacity 1948 cc
Engine out put 68 Ps at 4500 rpm
Maximum torque 12 mkg at 2500 rpm
Compression ratio 22.5: 1
Fuel injection pump Rotary type with electric stop solenoid
Governor Mechanical
Clutch Hydraulic assisted single plate
Gear box GBS 16, 5/ 3.86 with overdrive Or G 76/3.87 with overdrive
Steering Re circulating ball and nut type, power assisted (optional)
Brakes Vacuum assisted hydraulic
Front Disc brake
Rear Drum type
Hand brake Cable operated on rear wheels
Front suspension Wishbone type with coil spring
Rear suspension Semi- elliptical leaf spring
Firing order 1-3-4-2

Special Features of Tata Sumo 483 DL NA

(a) The 483 DL naturally aspirated, engine can develop 68 PS power at 4500 rpm and a torque of 12 mkg at 2500 rpm.

(b) Rotary type fuel injection pump with electric stop solenoid and indirect injection through pre-combustion chamber having glow plugs ensure optimum performance and less smoke emission. Injectors are fitted outside the cylinder head cover.

(c) The engine oil temperature is controlled by oil cooler which is fitted on right side of the engine. Oil jets are provided in crankcase which lubricate and cool piston properly.

(d) The engine is provided with spin on full-flow paper type oil filter, which ensures fine filtration of lube oil.

(e) The vacuum pump is mounted on the alternator and it is meant for the operation of the vacuum brake booster and assists the driver’s foot effort.

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