These Recommended Tools for eCommerce Will Boost Sales

1. OptiMonk – Onsite Retargeting

Stop Losing Customers, Leads, Subscribers, Conversions & Money

OptiMonk claims to be the most powerful onsite retargeting platform, and it helps businesses recover lost leads and turn visitors into customers, boosting website conversions.

Features include:

  • Exit Intent & Triggering
  • Campaign Templates
  • Design & Customization
  • Targeting & Segmentation
  • Conversion Tools
  • Set-up & Integration

Easy Integrations

OptiMonk integrates with all the leading website and e-commerce platforms, including:

And all the major email marketing platforms, including:

OptiMonk has a 14-day free trial (after which time you will be required to choose a plan) and no contracts (it’s a pay-as-you-go service). It’s ideal for e-commerce websites, but also for bloggers and internet marketers, and users can see conversion rates increase by up to 50%.

2. ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel builder that helps businesses market, sell, and deliver their products online. This tool simplifies online marketing, selling, and delivery of their products and services by providing users with funnel options that are pre-built for a specific business, product, or service.

With Clickfunnels, it is easy to create a marketing and sales funnel from the ground up as it incorporates all the core elements needed to have a functional and effective sales funnel. Traditional online funneling means you need to deal with website hosting, landing pages, email autoresponders, and more and have them all work in unison. It’s all hard work but traditional sales funnels are time intensive and very expensive.

Clickfunnels incorporates all these and more, offering them in a comprehensive, unified package so you won’t have to deal with them one by one. As long as you have a business, Clickfunnels has that special funnel that is just right for you.

The Psychology of Onsite Retargeting

3. ReferralCandy – Customer Referral Program Software

Give Any E-commerce Store A Referral Program

Most successful e-commerce stores operate a referral program (affiliate program) and ReferralCandy is a popular choice for many as it easily integrates with Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify, the 3 leading e-commerce solutions.

ReferralCandy makes is easy to:

  • Choose your rewards
  • Set up your theme
  • Promote your program
  • Get more advocates with cool widgets such as;
    • The Referral widget
    • Embedded Sharing widget
    • Post Purchase Popup widget
  • Give personal referral links
  • Show offers to new customers
  • Automatically give rewards
  • Reward only successful referrals
  • And best of all, gain more sales!

4. Beeketing – Marketing Automation for eCommerce

Marketing Automation for eCommerce

Beeketing provides Apps that plugin directly with your eCommerce store and helps you win more online sales. In fact, Beeketing apps can help increase your online sales by 45%+ without any sales or marketing team and no web engineers.

We can’t stress enough about how much value using the right tools in your e-commerce store can help boost your sales, conversions, and profits. The team behind Ukandoo Academy have developed hundreds of e-commerce stores for clients over the past 15+ years as well as developed many of our own, and we know what successful e-commerce do to beat their competition. The Apps from Beeketing use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help automate sales conversions for you!

Current Apps include:

What is Onsite Retargeting

Beeketing Apps work with:

See how the Boost Sales app can help boost sales with up-selling and cross-selling:

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