12 Steps to Build a Successful & ‘Fat’ Affiliate Website

Google HATES low-quality ‘thin’ content and websites offering poor content and value, but it LOVES high-quality ‘fat’ content and websites. A ‘FAT’ AFFILIATE WEBSITE is a site that has MANY LONG ARTICLES (at least 1,500 words each) that are WELL WRITTEN, providing QUALITY, VALUABLE, UNIQUE, and INFORMATIVE CONTENT aimed at a specific NICHE. Interspersed within the content will be your affiliate links. Google is happy for you to do this IF your content is offering true value and is unique. If you don’t produce quality content, then your site will NOT perform well!


STEP 1: COMMIT to building an affiliate website. Decide to TAKE ACTION and stop procrastinating.

STEP 2: Carry out KEYWORD RESEARCH and IDENTIFY A NICHE that you are interested in. Check out your COMPETITION by doing GOOGLE SEARCHES for your ideal LONG-TAIL KEYWORDS.

STEP 3: PLAN how your website will look, what pages it will have, what navigation there will be, and what type of content you will be needing to produce.

STEP 4: Find AFFILIATE PROGRAMS and PRODUCTS that would be suitable for your NICHE. JOIN the affiliate programs.

STEP 5: Buy a DOMAIN NAME, decide on your CMS (such as WordPress), and set-up WEB HOSTING. Ensure the web hosting has a FREE LET’S ENCRYPT SSL certificate installed (so site is https).

STEP 6: BUILD YOUR WEBSITE homepage, menu, pages, header & footer, most likely using a base theme or drag & drop builder. Make it look clean and professional with clear navigation.

STEP 7: PRODUCE CONTENT for your website such as blog articles (do at least 1,500 words long for best results). Be sure to ADD AFFILIATE LINKS to the content and/or affiliate products embedded within the pages. Produce IMAGES and other MEDIA such as video if you can. Consider OUTSOURCING content production on sites like Fiverr.com.

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STEP 8: CREATE A FREE GIVEAWAY RESOURCE such as a short eBook or mini video series aimed at helping your niche solve a problem or common question they may have.

STEP 9: Set-up an EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION LIST with AUTORESPONDERS such as with MailChimp or AWeber. Your free giveaway resource will be offered to people who join your list.

STEP 10: TEST your website thoroughly and get friends and family to do so also. OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE for SEO, create and submit your XML SITEMAPS to Google, run a SPEED TEST using Google PageSpeed Insights. ADD VISITOR TRACKING such as Google Analytics.

STEP 11: START MARKETING your website. Share on Social Media, try to get backlinks, submit to directories, consider doing some low-cost paid ads such as on Facebook or Google.

STEP 12: KEEP PRODUCING NEW, QUALITY CONTENT for your website. KEEP OPTIMIZING your website to make small improvements. KEEP PROMOTING & MARKETING your website.

BE PATIENT as it can take weeks, months, or sometimes even a year or more to start to see good results. But don’t quit, don’t lose sight of your goals and why you are doing this.

Never lose sight of your dreams – such as for residual/passive income.

Author: Aliva Tripathy

Taking out time from a housewife life and contributing to AxiBook is a passion for me. I love doing this and gets mind filled with huge satisfaction with thoughtful feedbacks from you all. Do love caring for others and love sharing knowledge more than this.

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