Trending 28 Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2019

These days many bloggers are looking for alternatives to google adsense. The key reason for this is either they are getting banned from adsense for policy violations or they are not making decent money from this program and want to try out new competitive programs. To bring you a solution to your problem, today I have come up with 28 most competitive publisher program that can give you better earning than adsense. By saying this, let me make you aware that, when they are paying better than adsense, their policy must be that much strict in terms of getting approved and many more other aspects that we are going to discuss for each 28 sites. A glimpse of these 28 sites are below.

Sovrn believes that publishers — their stories, their art, their ambitions — are the lifeblood of the internet. We come to work every day to push the envelope with technology, tools and ideas that help publishers thrive.

Sovrn Holdings, Inc., provides products and services to publishers of all sizes: from modern programmatic advertising to intelligent, industry-leading viewability technology, as well as professional ad ops services, flexible instant-pay financial solutions, and now commerce products.

Sovrn has achieved the highest possible certifications in transparency and anti-fraud metrics from TAG, JICWEBS, and the IAB, and helps tens of thousands of independent publishers earn the revenue they deserve.

Sovrn gives content creators tools to make money; access to distribution and scale to grow their audience; and a massive data commons for extraordinary insights. Sovrn is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with offices in Denver, New York, and London.

Trending 28 Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2019

Capitalize on your content.
Meridian provides a complete suite of advertising tools for display, mobile and video

More tools to help publishers compete.
From header bidding to VPAID and VAST video, //Signal InView ads and cross-platform content distribution

More demand for the audience you’ve built.
Integrated with every major advertising buyer on the planet

Kiosked is an advertising technology company helping online publishers monetize their site in the most efficient way. We work with hundreds of publishers around the world, providing them with a technology that helps them create high-value ad inventory that advertisers love and pay well for. Our technology can enable video, display and native ads and it works for all devices.

After enabling Kiosked, our customers see an average lift of 25-35% in total revenues. All this without jeopardizing any existing income. You can use Kiosked in the way that suits you best. Some publishers run all their ads through our placements, some use it very selectively and the rest, something in between.

Kiosked is a Publisher Monetization Platform. We help online publishers to make more money and to raise the value of their advertising inventory. Our technology helps to generate new, incremental revenue sources for online publishers of all sizes and kinds. We are headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and have regional offices in the US, Japan, Australia, and Singapore. Our technology is universal so we are constantly looking for partnerships in regions we aren’t currently active in!

10 Years of Market Leadership and Innovative Firsts

OpenX stands alone in the marketplace as the recognized leader in quality, scale, and performance, delivering value across every type of connected screen and format.

How a Google Certified Publishing Partner Account Pays Better Than Google AdSense

Publisher focused, buyer aligned

Clients work with OpenX because of our commitment to quality, our ability to deliver highly efficient and scalable marketplaces and our superior partner service.

Innovating the future of digital advertising

Investment in high-quality teams and technology enables us to transact ever increasing value for clients as the industry expands to new platforms and screens.

Ranked first in quality worldwide

We are ranked as one of the cleanest supply sources for high-quality inventory in the world across both desktop and mobile app.

Founded in 2007

OpenX pioneered the first programmatic RTB exchange, deployed header bidding 18 months before the competition, and was the first to invest materially in traffic quality initiatives.

500 strong and growing

People are our core asset. Our number one goal is to create an environment where people can do the best work of their careers alongside some of the brightest minds in ad tech.

Privately owned and operated

Independent companies like OpenX present a vital option for publishers and advertisers looking for high-quality and transparent advertising solutions.

Industry recognized growth and success

OpenX is ranked on the Deloitte Fast 500 and the Inc. 5000 for our tremendous growth and success, and our recognition doesn’t stop there. We’ve also been recognized both locally and nationally as a successful and fast growing business, and one of the best places to work in technology.

Through innovative technology and beatiful creatives, we gain attention for our clients. Our ad experiences take full advantage of mobile devices to build brands, drive foot traffic, and convert sales.

Trending 28 Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2019

Trion Interactive uses data driven insights and creative strategies to maximize marketing impact by extending the user engagement. Deploying content to vetted audiences via curated channels ensures your message delivers maximum impact to the greatest number of potential customers.


We are experts in revenue generation in a mobile-first world.


Collaborative & Consultative. We understand your audience & maximize your mobile yield.


Trion is a powerful additon to your existing stack, bringing high revenue ads within pleasant creative executions. With 2-3x the industry standard CPMs, Trion will become a key part of your revenue strategy.


Trion creatives never overpower your content. Our goal is to be complimentary, visually appealing, and positively experiential.


Bringing Trion to your tech stack is amazingly simple. No cumbersom SDK integration, no heavy lifting. A simple line of javascript code handles the hard work.

Most shoppers leave your website before buying. Get them back. Criteo Dynamic Retargeting delivers the right ad at the right moment.

Criteo was built on the open Internet, and believes in the opportunity, choice and freedom that it offers to everyone. With our holistic suite of advertising solutions, retailers, brands, and publishers of all sizes can access the data and technology they need to best serve their customers.

A transformative company committed to excellence

Founded by a small group of great minds at a start-up incubator in Paris, Criteo has become a global leader in commerce marketing. Driving this growth: machine-learning technology, data and performance at scale, and measurable ROI for our clients, as well as the ingenuity and spirit of more than 2,700 employees worldwide.

16 Proven Methods for Successful Digital Working & Getting Paid for Doing Work Online

Rapid Growth Brings Opportunity

Part of the excitement that comes from working at the cutting edge of commerce marketing is the influence you have on the direction and growth of the company. We value autonomy and empowerment and feel it’s instrumental at every career level.

International Mobility & Collaboration

We consider our global yet local team culture core to our success, which is why we encourage face-to-face interaction and provide opportunities to live and work from our hubs around the world.

Taking Fun (and Community) Seriously

From s’mores bars and on-site yoga to hackathons and standing desks, our incredible and dedicated work experience teams are committed to creating a positive work environment.

Smarter campaigns. More sales and profits.

The Criteo Engine powers our products, using powerful machine learning to continuously analyze insights on over 1.4 billion active monthly shoppers and more than $615 billion ecommerce transactions every year.

By learning from shopper behaviors like product and visual preferences, sites visited, and ad interactions, our technology engages shoppers at the right moment with individually tailored ads to drive the most sales and the best value from your budget.


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