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Lathe Design: The Bed and Its Supports #FirstPart

The designer of lathes. The manufacturer’s view of a lathe. The proper medium. Cause of failure. The visionary designer. Conscientious efforts to improve in design. Design of the lathe bed. Elementary design. Professor Sweet’s observations. The parabolic form of lathe beds. The author’s design. Form of the tracks. Bed of the old chain lathe. The English method of stating lathe capacity. Method of increasing the swing of the lathe. The Lodge & Shipley lathe bed. Uniform thickness of metal in beds. Ideal form of bed. Cross-ties, or bars. Four Vs. Flat surfaces. Lathe bed supports. Height of lathe centers. Wooden…

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Classification of Lathes

The essential elements of a lathe. The bed. The head-stock. The tailstock. he carriage. The apron. The turning and supporting rests. The countershaft. Taper attachments. Change-gears. Classification applied to materials, labor accounts, and the handling of parts in the manufacture of lathes. The four general classes of lathes. The eighteen sub-divisions of these classes. The first class: hand lathes, polishing lathes, pattern lathes, spinning lathes and chucking lathes. The second class: engine lathes without thread-cutting mechanism, Fox brass lathes, forge lathes, and roughing lathes. The third class: complete engine lathes with thread-cutting mechanism, precision lathes, rapid reduction lathes, and gap…

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The Development of The Lathe Since the Introduction of Screw Threads

Origin of the screw thread. Ancient boring tools. Suggestions of the screw form. The “Worm Gimlet.” Making the first nuts. An old device for cutting threads in wood. Archimedes and his helical device for raising water. Jacques Berson’s French lathe. Joseph Moxan’s English lathes. The French lathe of 1772. John Maudsley’s English lathes. Maudsley’s slide-rest. Another French lathes. The use of a “master screw.” A form of slide-rest. An old-time worm and worm-gear. Simple method of developing the screw thread. Anthon Robinson’s triple-threaded screw. The many uses of the early lathes. An old “chain lathe.” Its detailed construction. Cutting left-hand…

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History of The Lathe Up to The Introduction of Screw Threads

Tracing early history. The lathe was the first machine tool. The origin of the lathe. An old definition of turning. The first record of turning operations. Another old-time definition of turning. English classification of lathes. The earliest form of the lathe proper, or the old “Tree Lathe.” The Asiatic wood turner. The “Springpole” lathe. The “Fiddle-bow ” lathe. The essential features of a lathe. The balance-wheel applied to a lathe. The crank, connecting rod and treadle applied to a lathe. Origin of the term “Pitman.” Afoot lathe built by the Author. Its detailed construction. A foot lathe with the balance-wheel…

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WordPress Security Essentials

Steps To Securing a WordPress Site – Basics WordPress is a brilliant content management system, but due to its popularity, it’s become one of the most targeted platforms on the internet. WordPress core files and folder systems are structured in such a way as to give users the most flexibility possible. But with flexibility comes a few security constraints; which is why we’re going to give you a few tips and tricks to secure your WordPress website even more by focusing on the basics, we’ve also created an “Advanced Security” section for users who are more familiar with editing certain…

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How to Balance Juggle Family Life & Running eCommerce Business

Starting, building and running an e-commerce business can be hard work and the time and financial commitments needed can have an impact on family life especially.I thought it worth mentioning briefly here as there are definitely things that can help improve. TIP 1: OUTSOURCE or DELEGATE – realize you can’t do everything. Trust in others to do certain tasks for you, such as bookkeeping, website design, and maintenance, social media postings, marketing, email newsletters, customer support, data entry, technical support, picking & packing (if your business manages stock). There are many other tasks involved in running an e-commerce business, so be…

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What’s Your Motivation for eCommerce Business

Are you just chasing the money, or are you passionate about the products you sell? Understanding your motivation can actually increase your success. You may wonder why this matters. You may think it’s not important. But it does matter and it is important. Understanding your motivation can actually increase your success. Your passion for the products you sell, or lack of it, can come across to buyers & your team If you are passionate about the products you sell then you will be able to write more engaging sales copy, more engaging blogs, more informative product descriptions and you will…

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Guide to Define Your Content Strategy in Instagram for Business & Marketing

As much as we’d like to believe social media is an organic and authentic way to express yourself or your company – the reality says otherwise. Instagram is a business – and to succeed, it requires careful planning & consideration. Without a content plan, you will end up putting out random bits and pieces that will only attract and random and weak audience. To succeed with Instagram you need a clear brand identity and regular posting. Company or Individual? It Matters Before we even go into content plans we have to first identify what type of Instagram are we – a company or…

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Grow Business with Shopify Useful Apps

Useful Shopify Apps The Shopify App Store is a collection of e-commerce plugins that extend the functionality of your online store. E-COMMERCE SUCCESS Using the right Shopify Apps can boost your eCommerce sales, conversions, customer satisfaction & loyalty, and overall success. Upsell Offers Customer Order Tracking Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Popups & Exit Intent Triggers Web Browser Push Notifications Currency Converter Based on Buyer Location Referral & Rewards Programs Product Scarcity Countdown Timer On-site Recent Sales Notifications AliExpress Product Imports & Automated Ordering (for Dropshipping) AliExpress Star Reviews (for Dropshipping) Free Shipping Bar Add an Instagram Shop Upsell Offers Increase your Average…

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How to Build an Online eCommerce Store with Shopify

Building an Online Store in Shopify Choose a Theme For Your Store Shopify has its own official theme store. These themes are all guaranteed to have full support from the designers so you know your store is in good hands. All themes come with a comprehensive list of modifications you can make without having to touch a line of code. The premium themes come with more modifications, but there’s not to say you can’t achieve a great looking site with a free one. Click “Online Store” on the menu item, it will open a secondary menu, from that click “Themes”….